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Adafruit Industries LLCAmphenol ICC (Commercial Products)Bivar Inc.DialightEssentra ComponentsIndustrial Fiber OpticsKang Yang InternationalLumex Opto/Components Inc.MolexSCHURTER Inc.TE Connectivity AMP ConnectorsVisual Communications Company - VCC
BagBoxBulkCut Tape (CT)Digi-Reel®Tape & Reel (TR)Tray
Product Status
ActiveDiscontinued at Digi-KeyNot For New DesignsObsolete
-AmberBlackBlueBlue, GreenBlue, RedClearClear, DiffusedDiffusedGrayGreenGreen, Diffused
1 Port/2 Wide2 High2 High x 10 Wide2 High x 11 Wide2 High x 12 Wide2 High x 13 Wide2 High x 14 Wide2 High x 2 Wide2 High x 3 Wide2 High x 4 Wide2 High x 5 Wide2 High x 6 Wide
-Flexible 0.04" (1.00mm)Flexible 0.08" (2.00mm)Flexible 0.118" (3.0mm) - Fiber OpticFlexible 0.133" (3.38mm) - Fiber OpticFlexible 0.145" (3.7mm) - Fiber OpticFlexible 0.236" (6.0mm) - Fiber OpticFlexible 0.25" (6.35mm)Flexible 0.314" (8.0mm) - Fiber OpticFlexible 0.354" (9,0mm) - Fiber OpticFlexible 0.47" (12.0mm) - Fiber OpticFlexible 0.495" (12.573mm)
Mounting Type
-Board Mount, Press FitBoard Mount, Press Fit, Right AngleBoard Mount, Snap-InBoard Mount, Snap-In, Right AngleBoard/Panel Mount, Press FitBoard/Panel Mount, Press Fit, Right AngleBoard/Panel Mount, Snap InPanel MountPanel Mount, ClampingPanel Mount, Heat StakingPanel Mount, Press Fit
Lens Style
-AngledCylindrical with Flat TopOval with Flat TopRectangleRectangle with Flat TopRoundRound with Convex TopRound with Domed TopRound with Flat TopSquare with Domed TopSquare with Flat Top
Lens Size
1.00mm1mm1.24mm1.27mm x 2.29mm1.3mm1.50mm1.57mm1.63mm1.67mm x 0.92mm1.68mm1.75mm x 11.9mm1.78mm
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