Odin-W2 Series Stand-Alone Multi-Radio Modules with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

u-blox's Odin-W2 series features a small form factor of 15 mm x 22 mm

Image of u-blox's Odin-W2 Seriesu-blox's ODIN-W2 is a highly integrated, stand-alone, multi-radio module designed for Internet of Things (IoT) gateway applications. The Wi-Fi support conforms to IEEE 802.11a/b/g, and has support for dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands). The high-performance ODIN-W2 series module is available in multiple versions. The small form factor module interface layout is the same as previous Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules. Odin-W2 modules are complete with embedded driver, stack and application for wireless data transfer, and AT-command configuration.

  • Small form factor: 15 mm x 22 mm
  • Same form factor as previous Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules
  • Embedded driver
  • Stack and application for wireless data transfer
  • AT-command configuration
  • IoT
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks
  • Medical and industrial networking
  • Access to laptops, mobile phones, and similar consumer devices
  • Home/building automation
  • Ethernet/wireless gateway
Published: 2017-12-07