T3PS 19” Rack-Mount DC Power Supplies

Teledyne LeCroy's power supplies are ideal for the primary input of DC/DC converter and servo motor production application

Image of Teledyne LeCroy's T3PS 19” Rack Mount DC Power Supply Teledyne LeCroy's T3PS series is a single power output DC programmable power supply which outputs 1,200 W to 1,520 W. This rack-mount power supply is suitable for electronic component manufacturers to verify withstanding current tests of 100 A and above. Such tests include micro-resistors, relays, and shunt resistors, to name a few. The standard 1U form-factor of the power supply not only satisfies the extensive voltage demands but also provides flexibility in system integration.

The T3PS series allows settings for CC priority or CV priority. Under CC or CV mode, users can adjust the slew rate for output voltage or current based upon test requirements. There are two kinds of slew rate settings: high-speed priority and slew rate priority. High-speed priority sets the slew rate at the maximum speed to reach CC or CV mode. Slew rate priority allows users to set the slew rate for CC or CV mode to control the rise or fall slew rate. Slew rate priority mode is ideal for motor tests because it can protect DUT from being damaged by inrush current occurring at turn-on.

The T3PS is ideal for the primary input of DC/DC converter and servo motor production application. This series is often integrated into component test systems such as aging test equipment for capacitors and diodes, and semiconductor production equipment such as engine ECU and 48 V hybrid system testing.

  • CC or CV priority mode
  • Adjustable voltage/current rise and fall time
  • Three sets of preset functions
  • Bleeder control function
  • Internal resistance function
  • Panel lock function
  • Protection: OVP, OCP, OHP, UVL, AC fail, and FAN fail
  • Standard: USB, LAN, RS-232, RS-485, analog control

T3PS 19 Rack-Mount DC Power Supplies

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
1200W SINGLE CH 19T3PS062001P1200W SINGLE CH 19" 1U RACK MOUN2 - ImmediateView Details
1520W SINGLE CH 19T3PS40381P1520W SINGLE CH 19" 1U RACK MOUN0View Details
1500W SINGLE CH 19T3PS60251P1500W SINGLE CH 19" 1U RACK MOUN3 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2021-11-16