EYG-R Series GraphiteTIM (Compressible Type) PGS with Low Thermal Resistance

Panasonic's graphite sheet is designed for use as a thermal interface material and has very high compressibility

Image of Panasonic's EYG-R Series GraphiteTIMPanasonic's EYG-R series GraphiteTIM (compressible type) PGS thermal management material with low thermal resistance is available in 250 µm and 350 µm thickness options. As a thermal interface material (TIM) solution, the EYG-R series GraphiteTIM material is designed with high compressibility characteristics to reduce thermal contact resistance between rough surfaces. The EYG-R series GraphiteTIM material is easy to install with a one-to-two-step process that requires much lower labor and installation costs than thermal grease.

Panasonic GraphiteTIM is a graphite sheet that is for use as a thermal interface material. GraphiteTIM has very high compressibility compared to standard PGS, which reduces thermal resistance by following gap, warpage, and distortion of targets/substrates. The excellent heat resistance and reliability of this series allow longer service life and higher performance of various components. Panasonic’s GraphiteTIM is cost-saving because it allows the reduction of existing thermal management application processes. Unlike grease, GraphiteTIM is a sheet-type product, which eliminates the need for the printing process.

  • Low thermal resistance: 0.2 K-cm2/W (600 kPa)
  • Compressibility: 40% or more (600 kPa)
  • Z direction thermal conductivity: 28 W/m-K
  • Operating temperature range: -55°C to +400°C
  • RoHS compliant
  • Available in standard-sized sheets
  • Smooth surface
  • Broad temperature range for strenuous environment applications
  • Increased heat transfer due to fitting better on uneven surfaces
  • Good heat transfer from the heat source to the heatsink
  • Facilitates achieving good thermal contact
  • Simple procedure for installation
  • Reduction in labor costs due to easy installation
  • No deformation over time
  • Low maintenance
  • Automotive
  • Power supplies
  • DC/DC
  • Base stations, servers
  • Power supply inverters
  • DC/DC converters
  • Automotive cameras, motor control, LED
  • Base stations, server supplies

EYG-R Series GraphiteTIM (Compressible Type) PGS with Low Thermal Resistance

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
THERM PAD 70X138X0.35MM GRAYEYG-R0714ZRAETHERM PAD 70X138X0.35MM GRAY9 - ImmediateView Details
THERM PAD 58X69.7X0.25MM GRAYEYG-R0607ZLGLTHERM PAD 58X69.7X0.25MM GRAY23 - ImmediateView Details
THERM PAD 98X98X0.35MM GRAYEYG-R1010ZRMETHERM PAD 98X98X0.35MM GRAY10 - ImmediateView Details
THERM PAD 126X136X0.35MM GRAYEYG-R1314ZRWETHERM PAD 126X136X0.35MM GRAY9 - ImmediateView Details
THERM PAD 53X118X0.35MM GRAYEYG-R0512ZRGETHERM PAD 53X118X0.35MM GRAY19 - ImmediateView Details
THERM PAD 69X136X0.35MM GRAYEYG-R0714ZRAFTHERM PAD 69X136X0.35MM GRAY10 - ImmediateView Details
THERM PAD 125X163X0.35MM GRAYEYG-R1316ZRACTHERM PAD 125X163X0.35MM GRAY10 - ImmediateView Details
THERM PAD 67X153X0.25MM GRAYEYG-R0715ZLSDTHERM PAD 67X153X0.25MM GRAY12 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2021-07-16