TK-120 Fiber Preparation Kit

Jonard Tools offers a fiber preparation kit that includes all the tools necessary to access and prepare a fiber optic cable termination

Image of Jonard's TK 120 Fiber Preparation KitJonard Tools’ TK-120 fiber preparation kit provides all the tools needed to access and prepare a fiber optic cable for termination in one convenient kit.

The kit includes these parts for opening various types of fiber optic cables:

  • CST-1900 (K619-ND)
  • CSR-1575 (CSR-1575-ND)
  • FOD-2000 (K602-ND)
  • MS-6 (MS-6-ND)

For prepping the fiber for termination these tools are included:

  • JIC-375 (K618-ND)
  • JIC-186 (K603-ND)

Other tools included with the kit are:

  • SD-61 (K570-ND) multi bit screwdriver
  • FL-2000 (K608-ND) flashlight
  • JIC-2288 (JIC-2288-ND) diagonal cutter
  • JIC-842 (K633-ND) long nose plier
  • FW-5 (K634-ND) fiber wipes

All these tools are provided in the H-90 (K632-ND) rugged tool case with extra pockets for extra tools, connectors and many other items.

Fiber Preparation Kit

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeSpecificationsAvailable QuantityView Details
TERMINATION KIT FC/SC/ST CONNTK-120TERMINATION KIT FC/SC/ST CONNTermination KitFC, SC, ST Connectors2 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2015-10-30