Organic Capacitor (KO-CAP®)

KEMET's KO-CAP combines low ESR, high capacitance, and volumetric efficiency in a high-reliability capacitor

Image of KEMET's T543 Series COTS Polymer ElectrolyticKEMET's KO-CAP is a solid electrolytic capacitor with a conductive polymer cathode capable of delivering very low ESR and improved capacitance retention at high frequencies. KO-CAP combines the low ESR of multilayer ceramic, the high capacitance of aluminum electrolytic, and the volumetric efficiency of tantalum into a single surface-mount package. Unlike liquid electrolyte-based capacitors, KO-CAP has a very long operational life and high ripple current capabilities.

The T543 COTS polymer electrolytic capacitor is an upscreened version of the industrial T520 KO-CAP. The T543's upscreened option includes surge current testing of 10 cycles at +25°C and 10 cycles at -55°C/+85°C. In addition to 100% tin (Sn) terminations, a tin-lead (SnPb) option is also available. The recommended application derating for these capacitors is 10% to 20%, rendering them suitable for application voltages from 2.25 VDC to 50 VDC.

Typical applications include DC/DC converters, switch mode and point of load power supplies, radar pulse capacitors, and telecommunications (mobile phone and base station). Other general applications include decoupling and filtering in applications requiring low ESR or a benign failure mode.

Features and Benefits
  • Extremely low ESR
  • High-frequency capacitance retention
  • 100% accelerated steady-state aging
  • 100% surge current tested
  • Tape-and-reel standard packaging per EIA 481
  • Volumetrically efficient
  • Surge options at +25°C and -55°C/+85°C
  • EIA standard case sizes
  • Halogen-free epoxy and RoHS compliant

T543 Series COTS Polymer Electrolytic

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionCapacitanceAvailable Quantity
CAP TANT POLY 15UF 63V 2917T543X156M063AHE035CAP TANT POLY 15UF 63V 291715µF1096 - ImmediateView Details
CAP TANT POLY 10UF 63V 2917T543X106M063AHE050CAP TANT POLY 10UF 63V 291710µF735 - ImmediateView Details
CAP TANT POLY 4.7UF 63V 2917T543D475M063AHE075CAP TANT POLY 4.7UF 63V 29174.7µF584 - ImmediateView Details
CAP TANT POLY 47UF 35V 2917T543X476M035AHE030CAP TANT POLY 47UF 35V 291747µF122 - ImmediateView Details
CAP TANT POLY 330UF 16V 2917T543X337M016AHE025CAP TANT POLY 330UF 16V 2917330µF647 - ImmediateView Details
CAP TANT POLY 330UF 10V 2917T543X337M010AHE010CAP TANT POLY 330UF 10V 2917330µF420 - ImmediateView Details
CAP TANT POLY 33UF 50V 2917T543X336M050AHE0407505CAP TANT POLY 33UF 50V 291733µF20474 - ImmediateView Details
CAP TANT POLY 1500UF 3V 2917T543X158M003AHE008CAP TANT POLY 1500UF 3V 29171500µF227 - ImmediateView Details
CAP TANT POLY 100UF 25V 2917T543X107M025AHE060CAP TANT POLY 100UF 25V 2917100µF2793 - ImmediateView Details
Updated: 2019-11-12
Published: 2015-07-21