IS25WP/IS25LP Series Flash Devices

ISSI’s serial Flash family offers industry-leading performance in a small footprint with AEC-Q100 support and an SPI and quad I/O QPI DTR interface

Image of ISSI's IS25WP/LP Series Flash Devices ISSI's family of IS25LP (2.5 V/3 V) and IS25WP (1.8 V) series of Flash devices build upon the success of ISSI’s IS25LQ (2.5 V/3 V) and IS25WQ (1.8 V) family by introducing leading edge features, including double data rate (DTR/DDR) interface modes, SFDP support, and the 2 cycle instruction input (QPI mode).

This product family offers read speeds up to 166 MHz in single/dual/quad I/O and 80 MHz in double data rate (DTR/DDR) modes, delivering up to 664 Mb/s (equivalent 83 MB/sec) of read throughput (IS25LP/WP256D).

ISSI’s SPI NOR Flash are ideal for a broad range of applications, such as automotive, industrial, medical, communications, networking, smart meters, FPGA, digital cameras, printers, Bluetooth, and IoT. The family is also ideal for code shadowing, execute in place (XIP), and data storage operations.

  • Industry-standard serial interface
    • IS25LP(WP)256D: 256 Mbit/32 Mbyte
    • IS25LP(WP)128: 128 Mbit/16 Mbyte
    • IS25LP(WP)064A: 64 Mbit/8 Mbyte
    • IS25LP(WP)032D: 32 Mbit/4 Mbyte
    • IS25LP(WP)016D: 16 Mbit/2 Mbyte
    • IS25LP(WP)080D: 8 Mbit/1 Mbyte
    • IS25LQ040B/IS25WQ040: 4 Mbit/512 Kbyte
    • IS25LQ020B/IS25WQ020: 2 Mbit/256 Kbyte
    • IS25LQ010B: 1 Mbit/128 Kbyte
    • IS25LQ512B: 512 Kbit/64 Kbyte
    • IS25LQ025B: 256 Kbit/32 Kbyte
  • High performance serial Flash (LP/WP series)
    • 50 MHz normal and up to 166 MHz fast read
    • 664 MHz equivalent QPI SPI
    • Dual transfer rate (DTR) up to 80 MHz
    • Selectable dummy cycles
    • Configurable drive strength
    • Supports SPI modes 0 and 3
    • More than 100,000 erase/program cycles
    • More than 20-year data retention
  • Flexible and efficient memory architecture
    • Chip erase with uniform: sector and block erase (4 K/32 K/64 K-Byte)
    • Program 1 to 256 bytes per page
    • Program/erase suspend and resume
  • Efficient read and program modes
    • Low instruction overhead operations
    • Continuous read 8/16/32/64 Byte wrap
    • Selectable burst length
    • QPI for reduced instruction overhead
    • Allows XIP operations
  • Low power with wide temperature ranges
    • Single voltage supply
    • Low standby current
    • Deep power down mode
    • Temp grades:
      • Extended: -40°C to +105°C
      • Auto grades: up to +125°C
  • Advanced security protection
    • Software and hardware write protection
    • Power supply lock protect
    • 4x256 Byte dedicated security area with user-lockable bits, one time programmable memory (OTP)
    • 128-bit unique ID for each device (call factory)
  • Instrument clusters
  • Infotainment consoles
  • Telematics
  • Safety systems (ADAS)
  • Smart TV STB
  • HDD
  • Printers
  • Gaming
  • Industrial controls
  • Medical devices
  • Military and aerospace
  • Wireless access points
  • 4G LTE base stations
  • Routers and switches
  • Home networking
  • Energy smart grid management

IS25WP/LP Series Flash Devices

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
IC FLASH 4M SPI 104MHZ 8SOICIS25LQ040B-JNLEIC FLASH 4M SPI 104MHZ 8SOIC6591 - ImmediateView Details
IC FLASH 8M SPI 133MHZ 8SOPIS25LP080D-JNLE-TRIC FLASH 8M SPI 133MHZ 8SOP28512 - ImmediateView Details
IC FLASH 16M SPI 104MHZ 8SOICIS25LQ016B-JNLEIC FLASH 16M SPI 104MHZ 8SOIC3602 - ImmediateView Details
IC FLASH 128M SPI 133MHZ 8SOICIS25LP128-JBLEIC FLASH 128M SPI 133MHZ 8SOIC4541 - ImmediateView Details
IC FLASH 128M SPI 133MHZ 8WSONIS25LP128-JKLEIC FLASH 128M SPI 133MHZ 8WSON3077 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2015-09-16