XDPL8221 Lighting Controller

Infineon's XDPL8221 is for cost-effective dual stage driver with advanced features, and configurable parameter and features adjustability via a user interface

Image of Infineon's XDPL8221 Lighting ControllerInfineon's XDPL8221 is a digital, highly integrated, future-proof device. It combines a quasi-resonant PFC plus a quasi-resonant flyback controller with primary side regulation. Digital parameter configuration via a user interface allows customers to easily configure features, protections, and compliance settings. Adjusting the settings via GUI allows for quick optimization, lessens PCB revisions, and allows for end of line last minute changes to address logistical needs. A serial communication interface supports direct communication with external MCU. The XDPL8221 is specially designed for advanced LED drivers in smart lighting or IoT applications. The multi-control feature of constant voltage, constant current, and limited power enables the highly versatile LED drivers. The IC is available in a DSO-16 package.

Image of Infineon's XDPL8221 Lighting Controller Diagram


Excellent product performance helps with more efficient device design and end-product differentiation
  • Power factor > 0.9, THD < 15%, and output-power down to 30% of its nominal load
  • Output voltage can vary by a factor of 3 (for example 18 V to 54 V)
  • Dim-to-off with low standby power < 100 mW reduces the non-active power consumption of the device
Reduced BoM minimizes system cost and increase flexibility
  • The topology allows small caps for bus and output voltage
  • Primary-side regulation and digital control loop save external components
  • External parts are saved as the versatile built-in functions can be implemented without additional devices
Many built-in functions reduce time-to-market and efforts for value products
  • Digital parameter configuration allows real-time design changes with a few mouse-clicks
  • The UART interface and the command set enable to control the function of the XDPL8221 or retrieve status information and real-time measurement values
High reliability supports long lifetime of the driver
  • Digital algorithms optimize tolerances and avoid stress on the circuit
  • Comprehensive and configurable protections increase product quality and features
Supply chain efficiency optimizes stock keeping and enables high flexibility
  • One device used for multiple board variants
  • The XDPL8221 enables a customizable LED driver and simplifies the generation and maintenance of different variants without increasing the number of stock keeping units

XDPL8221 Lighting Controller

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Evaluation Boards

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusAvailable QuantityView Details
XDPL8221 50W CC/CV/LP DUAL STAGEREFXDPL8221U50WTOBO1XDPL8221 50W CC/CV/LP DUAL STAGEActive4 - ImmediateView Details
XDPL8221 100W CC/CV/LP DUAL STAGREFXDPL8221U100WTOBO1XDPL8221 100W CC/CV/LP DUAL STAGActive3 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2019-04-24