MicroSmart FC6A Plus Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

IDEC's next-generation PLC expands the limits of productivity

Image of IDEC's MicroSmart FC6A PlusIDEC Corporation's MicroSmart FC6A Plus is a powerful PLC with up to 2,060 local I/Os. With its expanded I/O capacity, the FC6A Plus can control and monitor the largest machines or entire small-scale manufacturing facilities, a capability seldom found in a micro PLC. To ensure high-level performance with this expanded I/O count, basic instructions can be executed in the extremely fast speed of 21 nanoseconds, and program memory is 800 kB (100 K steps). These capabilities are combined with extensive data memory, more than double the capacity of a typical micro PLC. These features allow the FC6A Plus to handle large programs with complex control requirements such as PID, flow totalization, and recipes.

Two models are available, each with 24 VDC input power. The 16 I/O model has eight inputs and eight relay or transistor outputs. The 32 I/O model has 16 inputs and 16 transistor outputs. Each model also includes an integral 0-10 VDC analog input with 12-bit resolution, and can accommodate up to three plug-in discrete, analog, serial communication, or Bluetooth® cartridges.

Up to 63 I/O expansion modules can be added. This gives the FC6A Plus the capability to handle up to 2,060 I/O with a maximum of 511 analog I/O, much more than a typical micro PLC.

The FC6A Plus also includes an optional Bluetooth wireless communication adapter, giving users the power to monitor the PLC and download/upload programs from any PC or laptop with Bluetooth capability. In addition, FTP communication allows users to configure the FC6A Plus as an FTP client or server for transfer of programs and logged data between a server and the PLC, providing a convenient and effective way to communicate with the PLC remotely.

All models have two built-in RJ45 Ethernet ports. With the addition of serial communication modules, up to 33 RS232C/RS485 serial ports are supported.

App Access

The FC6A Plus is one of world's first micro PLCs with full-featured app access from any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. With the WindEDIT Lite app, users can upload and download user programs; monitor and control any parameters in the PLC; monitor and clear PLC error status; start and stop the PLC; send and retrieve program and logged files to a cloud database; and manage the SD memory card.

IoT Ready

IoT capability is provided by default web pages or by custom web pages, each of which can be configured for remote monitoring and control. Web pages are created using pre-built objects and symbol factories via simple drag-and-drop functionality. No HTML programming is required. Using the FC6A Plus's storage capacity, users can create professional web pages with high levels of graphical content without worrying about memory limitations. These web pages allow the PLC to function as a web server when one of its two built-in Ethernet ports or the HMI Ethernet port is connected to the Internet.

The FC6A Plus is programmed with IDEC's WindLDR PC-based software, which includes no-cost updates for the life of the product that can be used to program IDEC's entire line of controllers in a simple and intuitive manner.

PLC programming languages include Ladder, Function Block Diagram, and Script. Industries particularly well suited to the FC6A Plus include oil and gas, chemical, solar, marine, packaging, food and beverage, material handling, utility vehicles, and OEM machinery and process skids. Within these industries, a wide variety of applications are a good fit - especially those requiring control of standalone machines, process skids, vehicles, and small-scale systems. With its expanded I/O capabilities, the FC6A Plus is also capable of controlling entire small-scale manufacturing and other industrial facilities.

  • Dual Ethernet ports
  • iOS and Android app
  • Maximum 2,060 digital I/O
  • Maximum 511 analog I/O
  • Bluetooth communication

MicroSmart FC6A Plus PLC

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of Inputs and TypeNumber of Outputs and TypeAvailable QuantityView Details
PLC 32IO 24VDC TRANS. SINKFC6A-D32K3CEEPLC 32IO 24VDC TRANS. SINK16 - Digital16 - Solid State2 - ImmediateView Details
PLC 32IO 24VDC TRANS. SOURCEFC6A-D32P3CEEPLC 32IO 24VDC TRANS. SOURCE16 - Digital16 - Solid State1 - ImmediateView Details
PLC 16IO 24VDC TRANS. SINKFC6A-D16K1CEEPLC 16IO 24VDC TRANS. SINK8 - Digital8 - Solid State2 - ImmediateView Details
PLC 16IO 24VDC TRANS. SOURCEFC6A-D16P1CEEPLC 16IO 24VDC TRANS. SOURCE8 - Digital8 - Solid State1 - ImmediateView Details
PLC 16IO 24VDC RELAYFC6A-D16R1CEEPLC 16IO 24VDC RELAY8 - Digital8 - Relay2 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2018-04-03