14 Series Surface-Mount Key Switches

Grayhill's 14 series surface-mount key switch combines an IP67 seal and LED illumination

Image of Grayhill 14 Series Surface-Mount Key SwitchesGrayhill offers its 14 series surface-mount key switch that combines an IP67 seal and LED illumination. With an operational life of over 1 million cycles at full power, this push button will provide positive tactile feedback for the life of the assembly. This compact switch is small enough to fit on handheld devices and tough enough for use outdoors in wet or dirty environments. It is available with or without the seal and a variety of LED colors. The design and packaging facilitate easy integration into high volume OEM devices.

The 14 series switch is ideal for use in exposed, outdoor environments, such as on multi-function hand-grip joystick heads and handheld robotic controllers. In fields or dirty construction sites where fine dust particles are present, the rugged 14 series will work every time. This is because of a dynamic dust seal which protects the switch against the ingress of dust even while it is being actuated. Rated to IP67S, the switch can even be submerged without water getting into the contact mechanism from the top side.

In any application, a long operational life is crucial. With the light and medium force option, the 14 series is rated to 1,000,000 cycles – both electrical and mechanical. This means a product designer can choose the appropriate switch without having to worry about longevity issues.

With bright LED illumination, the 14 series switch helps operators identify and locate the correct switch quickly and confidently. Six colors of LED are available, including bright white and blue.

Its compact size and positive tactile feedback makes it ideal for small applications, such as joystick handles on agriculture and construction equipment. Its environmental seal is well-suited for handheld military electronics. Other applications include portable medical electronic devices, motorcycles, and marine dashboards, where illuminated keys can help operators quickly identify the correct controls.

There are hundreds of possible configurations, with both sealed and unsealed versions. Single pole and double pole versions are available to suit a variety of applications. The standard operating force of 5N provides a positive tactile feedback of switch operation, but it can be increased or decreased as a standard option.

Pick-and-place machines can be used to mount the 14 series SMT key switch to compact and complex PC boards. A peg on the bottom of the switch helps orient the device and hold it in place on the board. Mechanical shock and vibration testing ensure that the 14 series will withstand harsh use.

Typical applications include:
  • Security systems
  • Industrial manufacturing equipment
  • Casino gaming
  • Audio/video equipment
  • Avionics
  • Fitness equipment
  • Test and measurement equipment
Customization can include:
  • Custom caps and legends
  • Custom detents (clicks) and tactile feel
  • Multiple termination and cabling options
  • Custom electronics
  • Integration into a Grayhill custom front panel assembly

14 Series Surface-Mount Key Switches

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
SWITCH PUSH SPST-NO .1A 30V14AP-L1-02-RSWITCH PUSH SPST-NO .1A 30V1307 - ImmediateView Details
SWITCH PUSH SPST-NO .1A 30V14SP-L1-03-RSWITCH PUSH SPST-NO .1A 30V338 - ImmediateView Details
SWITCH PUSH SPST-NO .1A 30V14AP-L1-02-GSWITCH PUSH SPST-NO .1A 30V205 - ImmediateView Details
SWITCH PUSH SPST-NO .1A 30V14AP-L1-02-OSWITCH PUSH SPST-NO .1A 30V219 - ImmediateView Details
SWITCH PUSH SPST-NO .1A 30V14AP-L1-03-RSWITCH PUSH SPST-NO .1A 30V360 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2015-08-25