Type 381LX/383LX Aluminum Capacitors

Cornell Dubilier introduces its type 381LX/383LX 105°C high ripple, snap-in aluminum capacitors with long life and 2-, 4-, and 5-pin styles available

Image of Cornell Dubilier Electronics' Type 381LX/383LX Aluminum CapacitorsAdding longer-life and more ripple capability to the excellent value of type 380L/LX capacitors from CDE, the 381L/LX readily handles tough switching power supply input and output circuits and motor-drive bus capacitor applications where the high surface area of multiple units in parallel equals the ripple capability of our type 520C inverter-grade capacitor. Type 381LX delivers more capacitance per can size while type 381L gives lower ESR for the same capacitance rating. Type 383L/LX has four or five leads for stable, reverse-proof mounting.

  • Top performance in power supplies and motor drives
  • Four times the life of type 380L/LX
  • Two, four and five leads available
  • Big selection of 42 case sizes
  • Temperature range:-40°C to 105°C ≤ 315 VDC / -25°C to 105°C ≥ 350 VDC
  • Rated voltage range: 10 VDC to 450 VDC
  • Capacitance range: 33 µF to 150,000 µF
  • Load life: 3,000 h at full load at 105°C
  • Capacitance tolerance: ±20%


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingCapacitanceToleranceAvailable QuantityView Details
CAP ALUM 1800UF 20% 50V SNAP381LX182M050H012CAP ALUM 1800UF 20% 50V SNAPBulk1800µF±20%2462 - ImmediateView Details
CAP ALUM 220UF 20% 200V SNAP381LX221M200H012CAP ALUM 220UF 20% 200V SNAPBulk220µF±20%6132 - ImmediateView Details
CAP ALUM 3300UF 20% 35V SNAP381LX332M035H012CAP ALUM 3300UF 20% 35V SNAPBulk3300µF±20%7375 - ImmediateView Details
CAP ALUM 330UF 20% 200V SNAP381LX331M200J012CAP ALUM 330UF 20% 200V SNAPBulk330µF±20%8309 - ImmediateView Details
CAP ALUM 3300UF 20% 50V SNAP381LX332M050J022CAP ALUM 3300UF 20% 50V SNAPBulk3300µF±20%5174 - ImmediateView Details
CAP ALUM 470UF 20% 200V SNAP381LX471M200K012CAP ALUM 470UF 20% 200V SNAPBulk470µF±20%5673 - ImmediateView Details
CAP ALUM 10000UF 20% 35V SNAP381LX103M035J452CAP ALUM 10000UF 20% 35V SNAPBulk10000µF±20%3801 - ImmediateView Details
CAP ALUM 680UF 20% 200V SNAP381LX681M200K022CAP ALUM 680UF 20% 200V SNAPBulk680µF±20%1050 - ImmediateView Details
CAP ALUM 1200UF 20% 200V SNAP381LX122M200K052CAP ALUM 1200UF 20% 200V SNAPBulk1200µF±20%921 - ImmediateView Details
CAP ALUM 8200UF 20% 50V SNAP381LX822M050A032CAP ALUM 8200UF 20% 50V SNAPBulk8200µF±20%51 - ImmediateView Details


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingCapacitanceToleranceAvailable QuantityView Details
CAP ALUM 470UF 20% 450V SNAP383LX471M450A052CAP ALUM 470UF 20% 450V SNAPBulk470µF±20%778 - ImmediateView Details
CAP ALUM 2200UF 20% 250V SNAP383LX222M250N062CAP ALUM 2200UF 20% 250V SNAPBulk2200µF±20%1905 - ImmediateView Details
CAP ALUM 1500UF 20% 350V SNAP383LX152M350N082CAP ALUM 1500UF 20% 350V SNAPBulk1500µF±20%1255 - ImmediateView Details
CAP ALUM 12000UF 20% 63V SNAP383LX123M063A052CAP ALUM 12000UF 20% 63V SNAPBulk12000µF±20%922 - ImmediateView Details
CAP ALUM 47000UF 20% 25V SNAP383LX473M025A062CAP ALUM 47000UF 20% 25V SNAPBulk47000µF±20%103 - ImmediateView Details
CAP ALUM 820UF 20% 400V SNAP383LX821M400A062CAP ALUM 820UF 20% 400V SNAPBulk820µF±20%170 - ImmediateView Details
CAP ALUM 2700UF 20% 200V SNAP383LX272M200A062CAP ALUM 2700UF 20% 200V SNAPBulk2700µF±20%130 - ImmediateView Details
CAP ALUM 15000UF 20% 80V SNAP383LX153M080N082CAP ALUM 15000UF 20% 80V SNAPBulk15000µF±20%362 - ImmediateView Details
CAP ALUM 820UF 450V 20% SNAP383LX821M450A082CAP ALUM 820UF 450V 20% SNAPBulk820µF±20%238 - ImmediateView Details
CAP ALUM 1200UF 20% 400V SNAP383LX122M400N082CAP ALUM 1200UF 20% 400V SNAPBulk1200µF±20%438 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2014-07-21