Ultra-Thin Ceramic Capacitors

AVX developed a new termination process that provides unbeatable flatness and repeatability

Image of AVX Corporation's Ultra Thin Ceramic CapacitorsThe Ultra-Thin (UT) series of ceramic capacitors is a new product offering from AVX. The UT series was designed to meet the stringent thickness requirements of our customers. AVX developed a new termination process (FCT - Fine Copper Termination) that provides unbeatable flatness and repeatability. The series includes products <0.35mm in height and is targeted for applications such as smart cards, memory modules, high density SIM cards, mobile phones, MP3 players, and embedded solutions.

Featuring a novel chemical termination system that allows very precise and highly repeatable termination thickness and dimensions, parts can be produced that measure just 0.3 mm high with a capacitance value of 10 nF and a voltage rating of up to 25 V. Operating temperature is -55 to 85°C. Insulation resistance is 100 000 MÙ minimum. ESL is 164 pH; ESR is 75.6 mÙ.

UT Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionCapacitanceVoltage - RatedAvailable Quantity
CAP CER 10000PF 25V X5R 0402UT023D103MAT2CCAP CER 10000PF 25V X5R 040210000pF25V0View Details
CAP CER 10000PF 16V X5R 0402UT02YD103MAT2ECAP CER 10000PF 16V X5R 040210000pF16V0View Details
CAP CER 0.022UF 10V X5R 0402UT02ZD223MAT2DCAP CER 0.022UF 10V X5R 04020.022µF10V0View Details
CAP CER 10000PF 6.3V X5R 0402UT026D103MAC2FCAP CER 10000PF 6.3V X5R 040210000pF6.3V0View Details
Published: 2013-10-02