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Ease of Use

From the broadest industry-leading portfolio of precision data converters, amplifiers, and linear ICs

Analog Devices is championing making our customers design in journey a lot less time consuming and onerous across their precision conversion signal chain. By pushing “ease of use” along several vectors, ADI ensures that our customers can make design decisions faster and arrive more quickly to their design end goal. Ease of use spans ease of selection, ease of evaluation and ease of design in. Selection tools and guides are designed to rapidly zone in on components required to optimize your design along key performance vectors, not just at the individual component level but also at the signal chain level, whether that is power, dynamic range, SNR, dc accuracy, footprint... All products offer evaluation support tools to further understand product suitability. ADI understands the challenges that our customers face in designing in a high-performance convertor, and more products offer functionality and increasing levels of integration along more of the signal chain to help mitigate those challenges. Access the “ease of use” offering that you need right here!


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