Abracon Corporation introduces the world’s smallest profile surface mount OCXO, measuring just 9.7 mm x 7.5 mm x 4.3 mm

Image of Abracon's AOCJYR Series SMT OCXOs In continuation of Abracon’s pursuit of high-technology offerings, Abracon has introduced the AOCJYR series OCXO. This series is based on proprietary Mercury™ technology, patented by Rakon.

Abracon’s channel partnership with Rakon enables them to offer a sophisticated OCXO technology-solution in an industry leading form-factor. By leveraging our respective technical and application engineering expertise, Abracon has brought to market a unique solution that offers considerable advantages to system designers seeking to minimize form-factor and reduce costs.

Potential applications for these oven–controlled, crystal clock oscillator solutions include: Stratum-III, small cells, switches and routers, time and frequency references, SyncE and IEEE 1588, test and measurement equipment and point-to-point communication networks.

Key Features
  • Standard available frequencies: 10 MHz, 12.80 MHz, 20 MHz, and 24.576 MHz
  • 3.3 V bias with standard LVCMOS output
  • Low-operating current drain of 122 mA maximum steady-state at 25°C ±3°C
  • Frequency stability options from ±20 ppb to ±50 ppb over -40ºC to 85ºC
  • < ±2 ppb/day aging with a maximum ±3 ppm aging over a 10-year product life
  • Available frequency pull-ability of ±5 ppm minimum


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionVoltage - SupplyTypeAvailable Quantity
XTAL OSC OCXO 10.0000MHZ LVCMOSAOCJYR-10.000MHZ-M5625LFXTAL OSC OCXO 10.0000MHZ LVCMOS3.3VOCXO230 - ImmediateView Details
XTAL OSC OCXO 20.0000MHZ LVCMOSAOCJYR-20.000MHZ-M5627LFXTAL OSC OCXO 20.0000MHZ LVCMOS3.3VOCXO61 - ImmediateView Details
XTAL OSC OCXO 24.5760MHZ LVCMOSAOCJYR-24.576MHZ-M6069LFXTAL OSC OCXO 24.5760MHZ LVCMOS3.3VOCXO56 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2015-04-28