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image of Why is Cellular connectivity so important to IoT?
2021-12-08 - 2021-12-08

Hear how the Power of eSIM can get your IoT devices connected quicker, more efficient with Truphone global connectivity.

An eSIM is not just a new SIM, it’s an entirely new way to connect. Developed by the GSMA and already widely accepted by the telecoms market, eSIM is the new standard in SIM card technology. A rewritable chip built directly onto the device, the eSIM brings wide ranging benefits to consumers, enterprises and IoT solutions.

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Image of CEC (Continuing Education Center)
2021-12-13 - 2021-12-17
Digi-Key's Continuing Education Center

The tools and techniques developers use to design and build their systems can make the difference between success or failure. Tools and techniques are constantly evolving and to stay relevant and beat out the competition, it’s critical to be up to date on the latest and greatest. In this course, we will explore a wide variety of development tools and techniques that will help attendees more efficiently design and build their next embedded product.

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image of Strategic Procurement: A Live Fireside Chat
2021-12-16 - 2021-12-16

Please join us as three Digi-Key Electronics experts, with three different points of view, sit down for a conversation about strategic procurement.

This one-hour chat will focus on:

  • The keys to a successful procurement strategy.
  • Insights on real-world solutions, from our experts on being strategic and successful in your approach to procurement and purchasing.
  • Establishing and enhancing distributor relationships.
  • Anticipating supply chain issues and securing stock.
  • How digital transformation has changed the manual procurement and purchasing processes.
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