Donald Bell Maker Update: Built To Spill

9/23/2021 | By Staff

This week on Maker Update: a tree built to tumble, forks for your fingers, a boat with a butt, finding flats, stronger steppers and flickering fluorescents for your futuristic figures.

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++Show Notes [Maker Update Ep. 251]++

-=Project of the Week=-

Giant Tippi Tree by Make Anything


Remembering Clive Sinclair

-=More Projects=-

Finger Forks by Kids Invent Stuff and Geeky Faye Art

Scrap Boat Challenge by Xyla Foxlin / Narwahl Labs

Flat Tire Detector by Bob Hammell

-=Tips & Tools=-

Neon LED Lighting Effects by Norm from Tested

Large Stepper Motors with Jeremy Fielding

Goliath CNC review by Caleb Kraft

G10 Print Surface by Maker's Muse

-=Digi-Key Spotlight=-

Intro to Embedded Linux by Shawn Hymel



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