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Couming Capacily, Maxinun Tums 10 Shell Diameter 114' Bushing Diamaa 3I8' Deplh — Maxinum from face of panel 0.500" Shall Enensim-Maxinumlmmlaoeolpanel 07781" Shafl Exlension — Mll'mum from m of panel 0‘620' Bushing Extension — Maximun from lace of panel 0.300" Locking Mechanism Positive Adm" Weighl, nom‘nal 16 grams Number of sea screws 1 Numefal Heighl 0.050” Knob Material Eladx Plastic Dial Filish While Numerals on Black Mane Housing F'Il'sh Salin Chrome Operating Tempelamre Range ~55"C lo 71"C hum-15m. m m .. ... . mm E m, m g _l_ E m .5. um“
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Turn Counting Dial
Model 2696
7/8” diameter
For 1/4” shaft

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