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PM 451742279700! ansd m [swan @2003 95K Premier. Cup ELK Pmclsmn Corp 22820 Saw Ram Pakwéw voma um CA. 92357 15L 71L 921.9095 FAX mmwm mm bkpmsslan mm ”(W 316 Instruction Manual i-Amp Clamp Meter
CONTENTS TITLE L Safety Informallorl Envlmnmenlal Condllions . Explanauanovswmlem V, V . n. Specification", General Specmbaflon. Elecnncalseecmceum, , .. .. Ill. Instrument Fami SymbolDeflmn‘on. .. Inslrumeanamilianzafion .. . . Human Instruction, . IV‘ Measuring lnsflucflon 41 ACA meesuvemem, 42 BOA measurement ,. . . 4.3 ACV measurement M Dov measurement, V 4 5 Resistance measurement .. 4e ConununyTesL ,, V V 4 7 Analog Svgnal 0|!li v. Batterychanglng VI. Malmenance rizalian V V ., PAGE wig” wm
um am I. A Safety Inlarmalion Do not operate me urrrt rt tire casing in ma test Leads are or look damaged Check the mam runctron dial |o ensure it is set at the corvecl postlion before each measummem Do not pariarm resistance and continuity Iesl ml a live “powered 'sysrem DD nm EDPW voltage between the |es| terminals and I950 terminal (0 ground Iha| exceed “19 maximum llmlt referred '0 in mis manual. Exercise exkeme cau|icrrl when measuring "VG systems wrtn voflage greater man ouv DC or 30v AC Keep fingevs behind the nmiecfion ring when measunng unit. test leadst Raolace batteries wnan the a symbol appeals lo avold lnoorrecidala Elwin-uncut: Mldltlanlx Alliwde up to 2000 meters, Operating lempsraluis o-c ~ um (30% RH‘ moonouraing Storage iemperaluie ~to'c - we. (70% RH. bunet'y rammed Pollution Degree: 2 Explanz‘lnn ar airman A Attention raiar to operallon instructions A Dangerous vnllage may he presenl at lermmais E] This instrument nas double insulation fluvial/3|! (e ENsloloomchTll mm... urn-ml :15 ll, specification dell Snclfic-fl Digital Display: 4 digrts LCD display with maximum reading 9999 (It/tr Load: When me Signal rnpul exceeds me maximum limit “UL" will be display sample R o: 2 limes/sec Peak Hold Sample Rate: turns at DOA DCA Low Power lndloatid When its ballery is below me wporogarallon range. El symbol will appear on lire LCD display. Auto Power on: The meLer will ptywer it aali OFF alter w mmulaa or lnacllley, Electromagnetic compatiuilm Vac and Aac only RF from : :Mm Total accuracy = spoafied accuracy . 5 6% of range Power source: UM—4 or MA lvsv bottom 2 Battery Ll 45 hr appmx. (alkaline battery) clamp omlng size: 12V5mmU/2 inch) Dimension (L x w x N 202x70x34mm. 7 95x2 78x1 3: inch Weight: laogt include battery) Accessory: Instruction Manual. Carrying Case, Test lead, Battery 1 5sz
I’m 51: —’———_ Km 31$ mam.- s um...» : ,_ _ , ———'————— m, Instrument Famlllanzalmn: ( | ) The accuracy specwficahen is defined as 3 ( %readmg 4- count) AI 23 i 512‘ $80 “ARH I mbulmflnfllunx ACA (Aumrange) Rem Imam ,i Pen Hm hm Mane“ MWMISMH ”hm M Md mummy comm-'1 . no m m, M o m» mm mm mm DcA (Anwrange) mm Anal-2V ww Imam WW ACV mm Emma! Ammylsflflrsmflxl mmwm _ ow 15x6 cum/m Dov Rug: WM Away Maximum» aw 1m mm- Onm( fl ) mm wmn Accurlny MAXTuWaMe mmmmn mm m ma me now.“ connnunyl. .) Rina. Amqum mx‘remvaaag- Madman» .u) «no Ohm avnc mm: (n )Analcg ompm (l0! ACA a DOA range) 10 "IV/Amp (ZOKHZ a| L JdB) Accuracy 2 14 5% reading . 0 5mm Ouwul impedance éDPI‘DX 3KQ Ovenoad pmlecrinn 500 les 3 4
urn-snort :15 a) Cumm selsmg Clamp a) Salelypvleslmm @ Clflwwanlnghlmle (A) LCDdlsplxy @ COMIIlwllemnal (a) Posmvemwllemlmsl ‘ (D qum mammal G) Pew Dala row oullon ! 2-; 1919an i l lunon Instruction“ - 2m: Button Press Zara human to enler lne Zam mode A” Annunblele will appear and 2am Ihe display The read-rug ls stored as relerence value lur subsequenl measurement Press lne zero bullon agaln, to an lne zero mode Dale How a. weak Hold Bullon To aclrvale me Dela Hold leelure. press and mm me ‘ Hold ' bullnn To deem/ale lne Dela Hold lealure, press arm hold me “ Hold " bullpn again To acllvale me Peak Hold leawre. press and hold the “ Peak ” button umll lhe symbol dlsplays Tn deacnvale lhe Peak lealule, press and hold lhe “ Peak ' hlmm lor 2 seconds The meter Wlll relum in normal mode opelaliun. m This meler .5 ball! with peak hold lunnlon al ACA‘ DCA‘ ecv, DCV ranges - Dlsable Ame vowel an Press and hold “ ZERO ' bullon and men [he power on me meler, the 0 symbol will oisawear Inna-nu m "A Measurlng Instillclion: 4.1 A!» meuumrmm; Swnchll've funclmn eeleaarlo A- range Open me clamp by pressing the law-opening handle and mean lne cable to be measured rnlp me law Close me clamp and gel lhe reading from lhe LCD panel um; Before this measurement. dieoonnecl any last lead with lhe meler lol saiaiy ln some cases where reading ls aimcull. press me HOLD pullan and read me resull lalev.
I'm 316 4.2 DCA measurement: Swncmhe iunaian seiecior |o A rang; Press ZERO [when u: emu me zero reading. Open me clamp by pressing lhe jaw-opening handle and insan the cable to be measured imp me iaw Close ins damp and ge| me reading [mm the LCD panei Ema Belore lhls measuremem. oisconneci any can lead lrom me meier hrsalety, In some cases where wading is diiricuIL press me HOLD builon and read ma resuil Islet Km :1: 4.: AW Mlasllrlm'm: A WARNING! unlmum IIWIVHW I: new Wm Du nu mmmm me my van-ye mum-mm am my awed mi: minumln mm fluvial :hock mm Indlovdamgt mm hummnt Switch the luncliun selemonc v ~ range Corinna red test lead to 'V' luminal and black one to Ihe ‘CDM‘ Iem'iinal Maasuve me vul'age by touching me test head has io me 1&6! circuii where the value olvol'age is needed Read me resun from me LCD panel
I'm 315 4.: Dev measurement: Swilch lrle lunclron selemrmv m range. Connect red lesl lead m w lemrmal and blew one to me - COM _ lelminal Measure me volxage by touching me lesl lead lips to lhe lest cilcullwhere lne value of vallege is needed Read lhe result lmlrrl me LCD panel Km :15 4‘5 Rvsinance mouunmom: Switch the luncmn selector lo a») range connecl lea lest leae m ‘4' termma| and Max me to me - COM "terminal, connecl up D! me lesl leads to me poinls where me value loe resislanoe ls needed Read me Ohm value lrum me LCD panel Non: wnen measurlng vesislance value lram a D‘YCUlL make sure me power ls £01 all and all capeelnrs are discharged 10
I'm 31: u sunlinuny ml: Swilcnmalunanun selectom ml range eunnacl rod lesl land In -.~ lemlnal and black one to me - COM ' terminal Connecl hp DI ma tes| leads |0 the pcinls where ounlinmlylslo be lesiea ll me resistance is under won, me beepel WIII sound cannnuonsly ll arm :15 u Analog Signal Dulp V Swilch ma lunclian salami Xv A rA~ range Connecl led |esl lead in w lamina! and black one lo the " COM ' lenninal Connecl hp aims lest leads In lns meleru mlluscope inpul lenninal Open lhe clamp by pressing the jaw-opening handle and mm lne cable (0 be measured lino (he jawv Clwse me clamp arm gs| (he analog vollage signal liom lhe male! m ll measunng DC via clamp, signal nulpul Wlll he DC vollsge ll measuring AC via clamp‘ signal 001le will he AC voltage 12
v. Battery Changing: t When the battery vullage drops below pieper operation range the E3 symbol wtll appear on tne LCD display and its battery will need to be changed zsetore manprng the battery. switch tire luncltun selector IO 'OFF ' and disconnect test leads Open the back cover usan a screw duvet Replace the old batterles With Me UM-4 er AAA sree batteries 3 Close the back cover and fasten me screw VI. Mll'nfeflanct cAtmort m To avotd contamination or static damage, do not touch the circuit beard without proper static protection ' Remove the batteries, the meter is not used tpr extended periods of “met Do not stare the meter in a nigh temperzmrdhumidlty enyrrpnrnent - When measuring current. keep the cable at the center at the clamp to get meta accurate readings alumna Peripdlpatly wipe the ease wtth a dry cloth and wilhalfl detergent. Do not use abrasives or solvent: on this ms|rumsflL 13 Sonlu Imovmllhn Warranty Service: Please return the pmdud in me piipinal packaging wtln prpot at purcnese la the below address clearly state in writing the periormanee problem and return any leads, connectors and acoessones that yuu are using wrln tire device Non-Warranty 5min Return the product in [be original padrxging to tire belw address Clearly state tn wnfing tne pertprnrarrce problem and return any reads, connectors and accessories that you are using with tne deyiee Customers net on open accbunt must include payment in tile tprrn at a money order or credit card. For me most current repair charges contact the tactory belors shippingttre product Retuni all merchandise to Eek Pre 's'ron Com with pra-patd shipping The ital-rate repair charge inaudes return shipping to locations tn North America. For byemignt sniprrierits and non—Norm Amenca shlpprng iees pontact E&K Free Corp. Bun Freelslnn Corp, 22520 Savt Rancri Parkway Vomit Linda, CA, 92337 Phone' 714v 921-9095 Facslrmle 7148216412 Email sewica@bkprsa‘slon bonr include wtnt ttn instrument your pdiripiet. ntlfln snipptnp padre-r. comet mine, phone mmr arid dlsuflpflnn pt prnbieni.
aw Precision cup warrams to me original purchaser (hal us pmauci and the oomponeul pans meieeI, will be «as imm delsds in wolkmanshlp am maieriais my a perlod 0! one years [mm lhe data 0! purchase ELK Pvecisicm corp win, wilhuul charge, repay a! replace at us' opal/am deiecuve product or compmanl pans Returned pmduci must be accompanied by pvooi oi me pumhaw Gala in me 1on a sales receipt To main wananiy Werage in the u s A . Ihis product musl be registered by completing and mailing me eudosed warramy cam in 53K Precision Corp, 22520 Savi Ranch Parkway. Voma Lime CA 92337 withln meen my days from proof pi purchase Exclullons: mu nan-arm am w: luv” u. “D mm of mlsull or :huio M “II mam m as a mun cl umuimm anmuom or "Dam. m. vnld n In mm nun-nu IS aiummu, mum at Rpm-Ned. BGK Precision Corp shall not be Ilable inr any consequennai damages, including wnmul Iinuiaiion damages resulting irom kiss 0| use Some slales do not anew Iimnaiion pr indoenlal or mnsequsnlial damages. sa me above limllalium or uausupn may not apply to you This warranty gives you specific rights and ypu may have «he: rights. which vary lmm stale-loslaia Model Number Dale Purchased,

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