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Data Sheet
Model 316
Milli-Amp AC/DC Clamp Meter
BK Precision offers a wide variety of current clamp meters for safe non-invasive
current measurement. The new milli-amp clamp meters are practical where a
traditional sized meter may be to cumbersome to use. Model 316 features
autoranging capabilities and is ideal for use in cramped quarters. The BK
Precision milli-amp clamp meter is more than just current clamps it offers the
ability to measure voltage and resistance. It also has the added functions of
Peak Hold, Data Hold, and has a 4 digit display, these are an invaluable tool when
evaluation or repairing electronic equipment. The model 316 meets CE require-
ments and come with a one year warranty.
• Low Cost
• Pocket Size
• 4 digit Display
Auto Power Off
• 1mA Resolution
• Autoranging
• Peak Hold Function
• Data Hold Function
• Touch Zero Function
Analog Signal Function
Range Resolution Accuracy
AC Current: 10A 1mA 2% ±10dgt
80A 10mA
80-100A 10mA 3.5% ±10dgt
DC Current: 10A 1mA 2.5% ±10dgt
80A 10mA
80-100A 10mA 4.5% ±10dgt
AC Voltage: 600V 100mV 1.5% ±5dgt
DC Voltage: 600V 100mV 1% ±2dgt
Resistance: 10K11% ±3dgt

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