810C,830,890 Datasheet by B&K Precision

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MasterBK.qxd 9/10/00 9:35 PM Page 67 e RANGE SOOpF (0.lpF) IO automatically 200pF (0. lpF) (Best Resolution) SnF (lpF) selected ranges ZnF (lpF) SOnF (i OpF) |99.9pF to (9.99pm 20nF llOpF) SOOnF (0.lnFi (0.lpF on lowest range, ZOOnF (I 00pFi suF (lnF) othervme 0.059s oiFS) ZpF (I nF) SOpHIOnF) 20tho l99.9mF 20yFthnF) MOdEI 81 0C SOOpF (0.I;.IF) (0.05% of full scale) ZOOpF ll OOnF) Capacltance Meter sooouF our) new (lpF) SOmF (IO/1F) ZOmF (I our) The Model 8|0C Capacitance Meter is a ACCURACY :(I%rdg + l0dgt) :(0.2%rdg + ldgt + 0.SpF) :(0596 rdg + ldgt + 0.5pF) compact capacitance meter designed for 33:21; : :33: :(| Ring, + ngt) fig-2:15 : 138:: accurate measurement of capacitive _ r g _ . r g g H :(l%rdg + 3:151) 1(05,‘ mg + my) components It features direct plug- in test :(Itsrdg + 3‘15.) flog” mg + Ids!) sockets and test lead jacks. A zero adjustment 810C :(I%rdg + 3ng) :(059‘ rdg + ldgl) knob is also provided to "zero' test lead capacitance. :(2%rdg + 3dgt)* :(05’6 rdg + ldgt) _ :(Zitrdg, + 3dgt)* 1(296 rdg + ldgt) IZero adjustment knob IFuse protected iamdé + 3‘15”" :(49‘ “18 + NB" ICapacitor test socket: IProtecu've rubber boot POWER SOURCE 9V Battery 4 C Batteries 9V Battery BATTERY LIFE 200 hours typ. (alkaline) 20 hours typ. (alkaline) 200 hours typ. (alkaline) M 0 d e l 8 3 O DISPLAY 4 digit LCD (dual) 3 |/2 dngt LCD 3 III digit LCD Capacltance Meter DIGlT HEIGHT 0.5/0.3" (l3l7.6mm) 0.5" (I3mm) 0.56" (l4mm) OPERATING The Model 830 Capacitance TEMPERATURE 32° to I22°F 32° to |22°F** 32° to l04“F Meter is a highly Hume (0° to 50°C) (0° to 50°C)** (0° to 40°C) . . STORAGE capacitance meter It ls fully TEMPERATURE -4° to l40°F -| ° to |25°F l4° to l40°F. <7ox rh="" “waltzing="" and="" can="" be="" 33°="" (-20°="" to="" 60°c)="" (-18“="" to="" 52°c)="" (-="" i="" 0°="" to="" 60°c)="" powered="" from="" a="" choice="" of="" alkaline="" or="" nlmh="" betteries="" or="" from="" ac/dc="" dimensions="" 7.56="" x="" 3.54="" x="" l46"="" 6.4="" x="" 4.4="" x="" 2.4-="" 6.75="" x="" 3.0="" x="" 2.25'="" adapler/charger="" (sold="" separately’.="" a="" selectable="" range="" hold="" feature="" (lxwxd)="" (l92x90x37mm)="" (l60xll0x60mml="" (l7lx76x57mm)="" .="" .="" .="" rovides="" for="" last="" batch="" testln="" of="" lar="" e="" value="" ca="" acnors.="" weight="" l7.64="" oz.="" (5009="" lb="" lbs.="" (7259="" l="" 1.3="" oz.="" (2003,)="" p="" g="" 3="" p="" iauto="" ranging="" icapaciter="" test="" socket="" iselectable="" range="" hold="" leature="" and="" test="" lead="" jacks="" izero="" adjustment="" knob="" three="" year="" warranty="" accessories="" one="" year="" warranty="" supplied:="" test="" leadsmanual.="" manual="" test="" leadsmanual.="" optional:="" giftrgmd="" probe="" tl-8="" smd="" probe="" fittsegimd="" probe="" m="" 0="" d="" e="" i="" 8="" 9="" o="" m4390="" r5232="" ”sr="" 3023="" ac="" “war/chars”="" the="" model="" 890="" capacitance="" meter="" features="" a="" 3mg="" battery="" pack="" large="" lcd="" with="" dual="" display.="" 5.000="" counts="" carryll‘xj="" case:="" lc-29b="" lc-28a="" lc-29b="" .="" ,="" (not="" included)="" resolution.="" and="" to="" automatically="" selected="" ranges="" *="">2mF. N0 Spec. ** 59° to 95°F (IS° to 35°C) for specified accuracy with full scale value from 0. lpF to SOmF. Hdditio nal Spec ificatio ns Designed to meet the latest international safety [ standards, the meter's dedicated chip and EXCITATION VOLTAGE <3.s v="" max.(approxlmate)="" ml‘umesso'="" allow="" pr°8mmmable="" high/10w="" zero="" adjustment="" range="" +20="" pf="" typical="" limits="" or="" pre-programmed="" standard="" capacitor="" 8="" 9°="" protechon="" '"pul="" flawed="" b)’="" o-in="" 250="" v="" f3“="" adins-="" tolerances.="" making="" it="" ideal="" for="" measuring="" values.="" inspection,="" sorting="" measurement="" rate="" 2="" per="" second'="" "mum"="" capacitors="" and="" testing="" capacitors="" against="" standard="" tolerances.="" optional="" ndditio="" nal="" specifications="" software="" and="" cabling="" is="" available="" for="" pc="" based="" data="" logging="" and="" l—mmflfl="" monitoring.="" the="" 890="" is="" a="" unique="" value="" and="" is="" lndlspensible="" on="" the="" hold="" accuracy="" all="" specs="" between="" |80="" &="" i999="" counts="" same="" as="" auto:="" for="" all="" readings="" betllleen="" o="" inspection="" bend"="" and="" w9="" counts="" add:="" 0.l%="" for="" full="" scale="" to="" 19.99="" mf;="" 0.5%="" oilull="" scale="" from="" .="" .="" .="" i999="" mf="" m="" 1993="" mf.="" idual="" dlsplay="" simultaneously="" iprogram="" unlque="" values="" reading="" time="" 0.44.0="" sec="" to="" 20="" mf;="" increaang,="" to="" 6="" sec="" at="" 200="" me="" dispiiys="" value="" and="" tie—vino"="" t0="" 50"="" 50"="" spefillic="" zero="" control="" can="" compensate="" up="" to="" 25="" pf="" of="" test="" lead="" capacitance.="" from="" selected="" tolerance="" circuit="" applications="" overrange="" .="" isort="" on="" reset="" tolerance="" of="" irs-232="" interface="" for="" indicator="" plus="" (+l="" sign="" )l/lth="" blank="" display="" and="" mf="" indicates="" on.="" p="" .="" power="" source="" 4="" 'c"="" size="" cells.="" nicad,="" alkaline.="" or="" zinc="" carbon.="" with="" provtsion="" for="" ac="" '9="" 5v="" "’95="" dat‘="" logging="" ”aware="" adapter/charger.="" (note:="" batteries="" and="" (larger="" are="" not="" supplied.)="" available="" a="" .="" .="" .="" .="" as“="" mm="" for="" your="" nearest="" distributor.="" (all="" 800462-9832="" or="" www.bkpreci5ion.com="" 67="" l="" e="">

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