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OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS ”(W " 810C CAPACITANCE METER m’i‘t'fiE “ti-““2“” LIMITED ONE YEAR WARRANTY BK PRECISION warrants to the original purchaser that its product and tire component parc dtereot, will be free from detects in workmanship and materials tor a period of one year from me date or purchase, BK PRECISION will, without charge. repair or replace. at its option. detective product or component parts upon delivery to on audtortred BK PnscIsmu service mn- tractor one the lactory service department, accompanted by proot oi the purchase date in the term ole sales reCEIpL Exclusmns: This warranty docs not apply in the event or misuse orahtrse of the product or as a result otunauthnrized almmliunsul repairs. It is void ttdte serial number is altered . detaeed or removed. BK PRECISION shall notbc ltnblc tor any consequential damages. including without limitation damages resulting from loss ol use. Some states do not allow limitation of incidental or consequential damages. so the above lnnttntion tit excluetou may not apply to you This warranty gives you specrrtc rights and you may have odter rights which vary Item stateeto-srate. PM your convenience. we suggest you contact your ax PRECISIaudistributor. who may bt: aulhorlzed to make repairs or can reIer ynu to the nearest service contractor, SPECIFICATIONS Display: 3% digit liquid crystal display (LCD) with a maximum reading cl 1999, Polarity: Automatic. positive implied. negative polarity Imicamm otterrsmge: (1) or (s1) is dtsplayed. Zero: Automatic. Low hattery indication: The “El" is displayed wlten dte battery voltage drops- below the operating level, Measurement rate: 2 tunes per second. nominal. Operatutg Environment: ovc to 40°C at < 70%="" relative="" humidity.="" storage="" temperature:="" 10°c="" to="" are.="" 0="" to="" 80%="" ltd-l,="" with="" battery="" removed="" trom="" meter,="" accuracy:="" smed="" accuracy="" al23°c="" 1="" 5°c.=""><757a relative="" humidity.="" power:="" single="" standard="" 9-volt="" battery,="" neda="" 1604,="" its="" door,="" lec="" onz.="" battery="" life:="" 300="" ltours="" typical="" vvith="" carbon-zinc.="" dimensions:="" 151mm="" (h)="" x="" mm="" (w)="" x="" 38mm="" tn)="" weight:="" approx.="" 7="" oz.="" (200g)="" including="" battery.="" accessories:="" one="" pair="" test="" leads.="" 9v="" battery="" (installed).="" one="" spare="" ruse="" (installed)="" and="" operming="" instructions="" ii="" warranty="" cannot="" he="" obtained="" locally.="" please="" send="" dte="" utut="" to="" bk="" precision="" service="" department,="" 22320="" savi="" ratich="" paiszly="" yorba="" linda.="" ca="" 91337,="" properly="" paclt-="" aged="" to="" avoid="" dairrage="" itt="" shipment.="" bk="" precision="" test="" instruments="" only="" warrants="" prod.="" uce="" sold="" ill="" ills="" u.s.a="" and="" ie="" overseas="" ieirimnes,="" in="" ulllcr="" countries="" each="" distributor="" warrants="" the="" uk="" pnscisiou="" products="" which="" it="" sells.="" .="" test="" range="" resoiuuon="" aecutaey="" muency="" :10="" 5"/c¥dg+="" 20°“:="" d="" ”f="" ldgismpf}="" moor="" 1pf="" zunf="" lflpf="" bzohz="" zonnf="" 1dflpf="" flo="" 5%idge="" to="" l="" zuf="" 1nl="9’" zuuf="" tunf="" bzhz="" zouijf="" luunr="" ttz="" 0%mge="" zuaour="" luf="" mg”="" a="" zhz="" t(4.0“/uldge="" zomf="" tour="" my”="" test="" voltage:=""><3.sv input="" proteetnr="" .="" o="" la/250v="" fast="" acting="" ruse="" zero="" adjust="" limited:="" :zopf="" approx,="" customer="" support="" le800467r9832="" precision="" otters="" courteous.="" protessional="" teclnucal="" support="" m1013="" and="" :1wa="" (ll:="" sale="" of="" lllcir="" lbs!="" instrumems.="" the="" following="" services="" are="" typical="" of="" those="" available="" trout="" oui="" lollrfree="" telephone="" numoe="" .="" -="" technical="" advice="" on="" the="" use="" of="" your="" instrument.="" .="" technical="" advice="" on="" special="" applications="" of="" your="" instrument.="" '="" technical="" «due:="" on="" selecnng="" the="" best="" inslmmenl="" {or="" a="" given="" msk.="" -="" instrument="" for="" informauon="" on="" optional="" accessortes="" fol="" your="" instrument.="" '="" infomlallon="" uii="" lllslmlnull="" icpal="" and]="" munlibmliun="" services.="" .="" replacement="" pans="" ordering.="" -="" lutormanon="" on="" other="" an="" precision="" instruments.="" -="" requests="" tor="" a="" new="" bk="" preciswucatalcg="" -="" the="" name="" oiytnii="" nearest="" bk="" precision="" distributor.="" call="" toll-tree="" 1-300452-9331="" monday="" through="" friday.="" .="" a="" m="" to="" 5:00="" p="" m="" pacific="" standard="" time="" ”(m="" d="" 22310="" san="" ranch="" parkway="" yorba="" linda,="" ca="" 92837="" ©="" 2001="" bk="" precision="" primed="" iii="" taiwan="" 4814619001="" operation="" warning="" to="" attod="" electrical="" hazards.="" discharge="" the="" capacitor="" heroic="" measuring,="" 1.="" for="" capacitance="" measurement="" less="" manzooltf,="" use="" the="" "0="" adi"="" knob="" can="" be="" subtract="" the="" stray="" capacitance.="" 2.="" set="" the="" range="" switch="" to="" the="" desired="" range.="" 3="" never="" apply="" an="" external="" voltage="" to="" the="" input="" terminals.="" damage="" to="" the="" meter="" may="" result="" 4.="" observe="" polarity="" when="" mearing="" polarized="" capacitors="" 5,="" insert="" the="" capacitor="" leads="" into="" thc="" rcccpraclc="" socltct="" or="" dtreclly="" connect="" the="" test="" clip="" to="" the="" capacitor="" leads="" as="" required.="" a="" read="" the="" capacitance="" direct="" from="" the="" display="" battery="" replacement="" power="" is="" supplied="" by="" a9volt="" "imnsiswr"="" battery.="" (neda="" 1604,="" [ec="" (oi-22).="" '="" 'tie="" '="" "="" appears="" on="" die="" lcd="" display="" when="" replacement="" ts="" needed.="" to="" tcpiace="" the="" battery,="" remove="" the="" two="" screws="" film="" the="" hack="" ofthe="" meter="" and="" lift="" rlif="" the="" trout="" case="" remove="" the="" battery="" {tout="" battery="" contacts.="" fuse="" replacement="" ii="" no="" capacitance="" measurements="" are="" possible,="" checit="" rota="" blown="" overload="" protection="" fuse="" for="" access="" to="" fuses,="" remove="" the="" two="" screws="" from="" the="" back="" or="" the="" meter="" and="" hit="" 0"="" the="" trout="" case="" replace="" fnst:="" only="" with="" tlic="" original="" type="" o.la/="" 150v="" iast="" acting="" inse.="">

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