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This is a Case/Enclosure for Jetson Nano which has a rigid metal body and dustproof design. It provides
you the ultimate protection for your Jetson Nano Developer Kit.
Stylish Mini PC Chassis Design
Rigid Metal Body for the ultimate protection
Dust Proof Design
Onboard Holder for single and binocular cameras
Cooling Fan for better heat dissipation
Onboard reset and power buttons for convenient booting
Carefully laid out cutouts for easy access
Do you have a Jetson Nano Developer Kit and want to protect it with a stylish looking rigid
case while offering a better cooling solution?
Well...Jetson Nano Metal Case/Enclosure is the case for you!
With the rigid metal body and dustproof design, it provides you the ultimate protection for
your Jetson Nano Developer Kit.
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This case is compatible with both the original version (A02) and the latest version (B01) of
the Jetson Nano Developer Kit.
If you are running heavy applications on the Jetson Nano, there may be times it gets
overheated and causes to shut down eventually. This case has an in-built cooling fan along
with airflow vents on top to provide better heat dissipation.
Also, if you want to use a single camera or a binocular camera with your Jetson Nano, this
case got you covered with the onboard special camera holder. It has mounting holes for the
cameras with up to 180° roll angle.
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This case is equipped with a POWER and a RESET button for convenient booting and
resetting, if you face any issue with the board. Also, it features a system status indicator.
The Jetson Nano Metal Case features a special compartment which allows installing 4G
modules into the Jetson Nano Boards.
If you want to add 4G functionality to your Jetson Nano, please click here to learn more about
the SIM7600G-H 4G LTE Module.
This case has carefully arranged openings which allow for easy access to the GPIO Header,
TF Card Slot and the peripheral ports of the Jetson Nano Developer Kit.
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If you want to explore more cases for your Jetson Nano, please click here.
Parts List
1 x Body case (top and bottom)
1 x Camera holder bottom mount
1 x Camera holder top mount
1 x Cooling Fan
1 x Jetson Nano adapter board
1 x Micro SD card adapter board
1 x Flat ribbon cable 2*20PIN
1 x Spanner
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Button with 2PIN wires
1 x Button with 4PIN wires
1 x Screws pack
1 x Jumper wires
HSCODE 8543909000

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