PTC-04, Daughterboard Selection Guide Datasheet by Melexis Technologies NV

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Daughterboards for
Triaxis position sensor products
Triaxis sensor Daughterboard required
MLX90316 PTC-04-DB-90316
MLX90324 PTC-04-DB-90316
MLX90333 PTC-04-DB-90316
MLX90340 PTC-04-DB-90316
MLX90360 PTC-04-DB-90316
MLX90363 DB-SPI or N/A (1)
MLX90364 PTC-04-DB-90316 or PTC-04-DB-HALL06 (2)
MLX90365 PTC-04-DB-90316 or PTC-04-DB-HALL06 (2)
MLX90366 PTC-04-DB-90316 or PTC-04-DB-HALL06 (2)
MLX90367 PTC-04-DB-90316 or PTC-04-DB-HALL06 (2)
MLX90371 PTC-04-DB-HALL06
MLX90372 PTC-04-DB-HALL06
MLX90373 PTC-04-DB-HALL06
MLX90374 PTC-04-DB-HALL06
MLX90377 PTC-04-DB-HALL06
MLX90378 PTC-04-DB-HALL06
MLX90393 N/A (1)
MLX90395 N/A (1)
Daughterboards for
Linear Hall position sensor products
Linear Hall sensor Daughterboard required
MLX91377 PTC-04-DB-HALL06
MLX90293 PTC-04-DB-90316
MLX90292 PTC-04-DB-HALL03 (3) or PTC-04-DB-HALL04 (4)
MLX90288 PTC-04-DB-HALL03
MLX90251 PTC-04-DB-HALL01
MLX90215 PTC-04-DB-HALL01
(1) The MLX90363, MLX90393 and MLX90395 can be programmed via SPI
andtherefore do not require the use of the PTC-04.
(2) Compatibility with PTC-04-DB-HALL06 available late 2019.
(3) PWM Output.
(4) PSI5 Output.
UI tool for development PTC-04 programming tool
Example C# code for automation
The Melexis family of programmable sensors are designed to be integrated into
an application and then programmed. Programming allows for setting the various
operating modes inside the chip and for performing an end-of-line calibration which
reduces or removes residual error due to mechanical tolerances for example.
To program the sensor the PTC-04 (programmed through connector) programming
tool is used. The PTC-04 connects between a PC and the sensor to be programmed
and manages the conversion of commands from the PC to the sensor. An easy to
use UI is provided for every product allowing for easy development. For production
environments, a DLL is also provided that can be called from Labview, Visual Basic, C#,
or any language that supports ActiveX COM libraries thus enabling the automation of
the calibration process.
The PTC-04 programmer is designed for efficient, precise calibration of the Melexis
families of programmable ICs and can be easily adapted to a standard PC and to
an application module to allow calibration of programmable sensor ICs within the
operating environment.
The PTC-04 programmer contains its own programmable power supply and
measurement circuitry. It’s similar to a standard EEPROM programmer, but adds
many special features such as 16-bit voltage and current measurement capability, and
configuration options that will accommodate users from the prototyping phase directly
into production. APC is required to load software to the programmer and control the
functions of the programmer.
Communication is done through a standard RS-232 null modem cable to a COM
port of the PC or via USB. The PC requires no custom configuration, allowing the
programmer to be used with any PC with a COM port speed of 115.2kbs or a standard
USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 (Type A) interface.
Daughterboards for Latches & Switches
Latch & Switch product Daughterboard required
MLX92232 PTC04-DB-922xx
MLX92242 PTC04-DB-922xx
MLX92292 PTC04-DB-922xx
Daughterboards for current sensors
Current sensor product Daughterboard required
MLX91206 PTC04-DB-HALL03
MLX91207 PTC04-DB-HALL03
MLX91208 PTC04-DB-HALL05
MLX91209 PTC04-DB-HALL05
MLX91216 PTC04-DB-HALL05
MLX91217 PTC04-DB-HALL05
Daughterboards for Pressure sensors
Pressure sensor product Daughterboard required
MLX90807 PTC04_DB_Pressure01
MLX90808 PTC04_DB_Pressure01
MLX90809 PTC04_DB_Pressure01
MLX90817 PTC04_DB_Pressure01
MLX90818 PTC04_DB_Pressure01
MLX90819 PTC04_DB_Pressure01
MLX90820 PTC04_DB_Pressure01
MLX90821 PTC04_DB_Pressure01
MLX90328 PTC04_DB_Pressure01
MLX90329 PTC04_DB_Pressure01