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March 2019 DB3875 Rev 2 1/5
VNH MO-7 Sample Kit box
Data brief
Immediate evaluation of M0-7 HBridge drivers
with demonstration examples
The Kit includes:
–8 samples
Printed card providing overview of product
portfolio, key features, main applications,
package description.
The SAMPLEKITVNH7 provides you a selection
of ST VIPower M0-7 HBridge drivers
representative of the entire family useful for
evaluating and promoting the product family.
Table 1. Device summary
Part number RON (High- and low-side)
(mOhm) Package
VNH7100BAS 60-40 SO-16N
VNH7070BAS 42-30 SO-16N
VNH7070AY 42-30 PowerSSO-36
Triple Pad
VNH7040AY 27-14 PowerSSO-36
Triple Pad
VNHD7012AY 12 PowerSSO-36
VNHD7008AY 8 PowerSSO-36
2/5 DB3875 Rev 2
1 Overview
The ST VIPower M0-7 HBridge is a family of bridge motor drivers intended for a wide range
of automotive applications. The family is designed using STMicroelectronics’ well known
and proven proprietary VIPower® technology that allows to efficiently integrate on the same
die the true PowerMOSFET with an intelligent signal/ protection circuitry. The devices are
housed in tiny packages SO-16N, PowerSSO-36 single and Triple Pad packages able to
optimize the dissipation performances. The input signals INA and INB can directly interface
the microcontroller to select the motor direction and the brake conditions. Two selection pins
(SEL0 and SEL1) are available to address to the microcontroller the information available
on the MultiSense. The MultiSense pin allows to monitor the motor current, provides a
voltage proportional to the battery value and the information on the temperature of the chip.
The integrated protections are: load current limitation, overload active power limitation (with
latch-off), overtemperature shutdown (with latch-off) and cross current protection. The
PWM, up to 20 KHz, allows to control the speed of the motor in all possible conditions.
DB3875 Rev 2 3/5
SAMPLEKITVNH7 Ordering information
2 Ordering information
Table 2. Order code
Order code Reference
SAMPLEKITVNH7 M0-7 HBridge drivers Sample kit box
Revision history SAMPLEKITVNH7
4/5 DB3875 Rev 2
3 Revision history
Table 3. Document revision history
Date Revision Changes
05-Mar-2019 1 Initial release.
15-Mar-2019 2 Typo error.
DB3875 Rev 2 5/5
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