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o BROA DCOM Broadcom BCM898II BroadR-ReachE Single-Port Automotive Ethernet RGMII Transceiver OVERVIEW BCMBSBM is Broadcom‘s next-generation BroadR-Reach® automotive Ethernet chip, optimized for use in low-power automotive applications. Delivering 100 megabitrperesecond (Mb/s) performance over a single, unshielded twisledrpair wire, lhe highly integrated chip combines the functionality of multiple discrete devices in an ultrarsmall package (6x6 mm) Features - Automotive-qualified low-power design reduces power eonsumplion up in 30 percent . onschlp integrated lawepass filters lower emissions (meets EMC requirements) - Integrated internal regulators provide on-onip power and eliminale the need lor external regulators . Exceeds automotive specifications for noise cancellation and transmission iiller - Delivers ioo Mo/s over single, unshielded twistedrpalrwlrlng, delivering up lo an 80 percent reduction in connectivity cost and 30 percent reduction in cabling welghl Applications - Automotive ifecycle Status Active SPECIFICATIONS Specification Value Lilecycle Active Dislrib. Inventory No

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