COM1705 Datasheet by Pimoroni Ltd

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Braided K-type Thermocouple
This braided fabric thermocouple is great for measuring
temperatures in hard-to-reach places, but best-suited for
lighter use than our sturdy stainless steel thermocouple.
Thermocouples like these ones measure temperature at the very tip, so you'll want to
put the tip of it at the point where you want the temperature reading to be taken.
You'll need a thermocouple amplifier, like our MCP9600 Thermocouple Amplifier
Breakout, to use this thermocouple to measure temperatures.
K-type thermocouple
1m long braided fabric cable
~2.5mm diameter
Note that, because it's made of fabric, this thermocouple is not suitable for high-
temperature use and is also not water-proof.

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