Xenon Datasheet by Particle Industries, Inc.

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The Xenon is a low cost mesh-enabled development board that can act as either an endpoint or
repeater within a Particle Mesh network.
The Xenon is mesh only and designed to function as the endpoint of your IoT network. It is based on
the Nordic nRF52840 and has built-in battery charging circuitry so it’s easy to connect a Li-Po and
deploy your local network in minutes.
The Xenon is best for connecting sensors, motors, pumps, valves, and points of data-interest. Pair it
with an Argon or Boron gateway to get all that great data into the Device Cloud.
The Device Cloud for Particle Mesh will be priced by network. All Particle customers get 10 free
micro networks using a Wi-Fi or Ethernet gateway. Alternatively, all customers get 3 free months of
Device Cloud access for micro networks using a cellular gateway. A micro network is defined as a
network with 10 total devices and a single gateway. More pricing details to be released soon. In the
meantime, check out our documentation.
o Specs:
o NordicSemiconductornRF52840SoC
o On‐boardadditional2MBSPIflash
o 20mixedsignalGPIO(6xAnalog,8xPWM),UART,I2C,SPI
o MicroUSB2.0fullspeed(12Mbps)
o IntegratedLi‐Pochargingandbatteryconnector
o JTAG(SWD)Connector
o RGBstatusLED
o ResetandModebuttons
o On‐boardPCBantenna
o U.FLconnectorforexternalantenna
o MeetstheFeatherspecificationindimensionsandpinout
o FCC,CEandICcertified
o RoHScompliant(lead‐free)

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