NTA1220 Datasheet by Mechatronics Bearing Group

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Thrust Bearings 8 Washers r»: ler W loam mun mom: wave In mlmal When hrgh axrar road capacmes are rreeaea and ehverene spacers mmrmar needle Ihmst hearmgs are arr omron These bearings cmsrst 0! a stamped or machrhea cage am: rcrlers The cage reiamlng me rouers rs paired wuh thrust washers ma| am as raceways Thrust nearrngs can he used wrmuul thrust washers when the faces 0‘ aaracem macmne cumaehems can serve as racewzys, arruwrng me macmhe to be even more cumuact These hearrhgs orcvrae a mgh degree e1 sWness and are most suname where hrgh accuracy rs recurred a! mgh speeds am under nuuuaung heavy ruaes such as machrne mars and higrrpressure Dumps mum: rm “m

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BEARING 3/4"ID 1 1/4"OD 0.078"W
Available Quantity: 291
Unit Price: 4.88