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watts mummy OPTICS BALZERS Farbfilter DC Absorpfinnslveie Interveremysteme ans chemisch hesl'andigen amuschicmen Nahezu venustireie Trennung mi Mischung dfl Gmndfarben mu, gvfln und rm Ausgelegt mi einen Lizhleinlall won 45° Hiuehesfindig his (a. 300 “c Dicke aller FiltH: H mm Sondelgvfillen bis ma mm x no mm am Anhage, Color Filters DC - Absorption free interlerencesysruns - NearlymHoss, diversion or mixture ulbaxic Colo/s blue, gm and led - Folangles afimldence of45° Heat/existent up to apme. 300 «c Thidmess of all filters; 1. Y mm Special sizes up to 150 mm x 1m mm on request. Tvansmissmfll ADO A50 500 550 am 550 mu Wavelengm [Hm] mo 5:: so 10 so so an 30 20 w a we use see 550 600 650 we Waveleng‘h [mu] Transmissm'l l‘fil Transmisslan M 400 450 500 550 600 650 mu Wavelength [nml Farbliller DC V‘ipka‘ tvnnsmmume (we a! mum deni‘wmtan 314 Sthw'adumg ties Lkhu ohne Andemng dev spektlalen Venenung Iransmissionsgiad T = a), l on Oplische Dichte D = log! /T Ans Bamailikatglas Aulgedamphe hang Metanxhicmen Hamest Altemngsbesta'ndig Ungelasst nnd getasst eiha'mich Gelassl knmpan'hel 1m Nannhank N Oder Mikmhank n ' Dicke 2 mm Color Filters DC Typ Abmessungen (mm Part No Type Dimensions {mm} Pan No mm mums) Gammon szd m cm mm m m 15x25 615mm} mm we mm um 2:15 am 311031 We” 1th m 6w 371030 Mm 5W 0381311036 MW m cm 31ml Mm 9:50 GIKVZIZDZS Wm M 6381311031 at am- mm Gm 313nm D( am m am 313035 My“. m 53281303 .x at". Ma mums DC-ahn 5:25 GZIIJBMZ . 7 T Neutra ter Neutral Densigl Filters Attenuate palythromalic light without altering is Spectral ifistributiun naminance -r = aw «>0 Dptiral demity o = log 1 / 'r - Mew/lit films Vacuum-evaporated um glas; tum/ates Hard Durable Firmly adhering Mounted and unmounted versions available Mmmted types fit to Mitmbenth a m Nannbench N - Thidmess of all lilieISJ 2 mm Phone +49(0)r5516935-0 I Fax +49(0),55| 6935-166
Neaualfinea Mantra/density film: P‘ama Optwcs ul :1 In Fassung 27.777 477.7727 am a. Manuhank 7 mm». W747. an fisxung M7. 572 7.77 Kaphel Aufluumam‘a‘. Absthnm Dpukfaxsungan n/ u 77. mam mammary to 77mm /MKrnbw-

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