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REFNO. 1778236~8 (2/5) I. CONSTRUCTION I~I Outline dimensions 1-2 switching mechanism 1-3 Enclosure rating I-4 Counting seitmic intensity 1-5 Returning angle (From operating condition) 1-6 On time 0N output OFF I-7 Return mechanism I-s Permisliblo mountinx level 1-9 Gradient of sensitivlty 1-10 Camdfmm 1-11 Retuminx time I-IZ Terminal 1-1 3Mounu’n; 1-H Soldering DRWCLNo. 6421377'0 To ouuwt the ON/OFF signal Ivy mechanical switching of me intemal switch contact by vibration. IP67 ( Only immal switch ) 130 m 200 wt (cycle : 0.3. 0.5. 0.7500.) Target value not to operate oi less khan I30 nl. and over-to within 5 sec. At 200ul. It: I pl (cm/3’) : 0.001 I]. 2.5 deuce MIN from the horizontal 50meec. MIN. (cycle: 0.3. 0.5. 0.7 sec/20090 Time On time On time Self-reset 10.5 degree MAX from the horixonnl 20m MAX. / I degree Single pole single throw (N0 norm: / slew action) I min. MAX.(mounting level i0.5 degree MAX) #137 quick connect / solder terminal (thicknesFOfimm) Pitch: 30mm 2 snrews‘Ms) Height of (he product : 5.3mm (Please refer to drawing in detail.) Soldering iron : temperature 3501:1013, 3 sec. MAX. OMRON
REFNO.1773236—8(3/5) 2, ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS 2-1 Ratings 5VDC, mm to 30VDC, IOOmA (Resistive load) 2-2 Insulation resistance and dielectric strength Insulation Dielectriet resistance strenzth Mensu'inz parts (250 VDC Memr) (50 to 60 Hz 1 minute) Between each terrm'nal W of the same polarity 100 M n MIN. 250 VAC * Leek current is 1mA MAX, ”I To melsure off condition 2'3 Contact resistance I“) m 0 MAX (Initial Value) 3. MECHANICAL CHARACTERISTICS 3-1 Vibration durinl transporting Must be free from any malfunctions be”! electrically and mechanically Condition Vibration : 200 III (Icycle : 0.5 sec.) Vibration Erection : in the three axial directions Time :Toul 50 hours # Quentin; seismic intensity should be 130 to 200nl. 3-2 Shock Must be free from my malfunctions both electrically and mechanically Condition Acceleration : 980 m/s‘ (1006) 3 times Shock direction : in the tlwee nxi-l directions 3-3 Shock during unnsporting Must be free from any malfunctions bod! electrically and mechanically The box which packaged switches ere dropped from Soilem high tom-n! a composite plate. (thickness 30mm MIN.) 3-4 Terminal mngth Must be free from my melfimctions hath electrically and mechanically (Refer to Hotel) Apply force to the terminal 78AM vertically and {SN horizontally .1 minute each. OMRON
REF.N0l1778236—8(4/52 4. ENVIRONMENT CHARACTERISTICS 4-1 Operetin; temperature and hunidity Temperature : -25T3 to + 80C (No icing and condensation) Humidity 1 ‘5 to 95 ”RH 4-2 Storage temperature and hunidity Temperatlte : -25'C to + GO'C (Ne ic’mgend condensation) Humidity 2 45 to 95 “RH 5. ENDURANCE CHARACTERISTICS 5'1 Salt snrlly The switch is sprayed with 5:l:0.5% salt water for 95 hours. No remarkable comuion is allvwed and must be free fmm any malfimctions boih electrically and mechanically Contact resistance should be 100 0 MAX. (T 0 measure efler salt is removed by water and the switch dries well) 5-2 Moisture Endurance Must be free form any malfunctions both electrically and mechanically after the switch is lei! in a temperature of 40112? and humidity of 90 to SHRH for 240 hoursfl'o manure after file switch dries well.) 5—3 Oil Endurance change of weight must be 20% MAX lfter the switch is dipped in Gasoline 1 It ZDiS‘C for 24 hours. 5-4 Holt Endurance Must be free from any mlfunctiens both elecnically and mechanic-IN afler file switch is left in a temperature of 701:5C for 96 hours, 5-5 Cold Endurance Must be free from any malfunctions hath electrically and mechanically aflertho switch is Iefl in a temperature of —35:i:5C for 96 hours. 5-6 High tenneramre/lmmidity Must be free from any malfunctions both electrically and mechanically alter the switch is Iefl. in a temperature of 7012C and humidity of 90 to 98%RH for 240 hours. OMRON
REF.N0.1778236—8(5/5) 5-7 com-m a: H§:3i1pwn. SO, : 10:39pm. 40°C. 75%RH. 96 hour! Mun be free From my malfunctions bath olocuiully Ind mochaniully mar the switch is left under allow Within. Cont”! retinal“ should be 100 0 MAX. 6‘ ELECTRICAL SERVICE LIFE Must b. in. frwn any Indium-don. both doctricdly lld melanin-Hy lfter 5,00) over-tiara under the riled rad-five land of 3WDO. l00mA It a frown-nay 0' 10 to 20 opentioru por minuw‘ 7, OTHERS Natal. 1) “mounting turf-ea in warped. there it I poulbility Hunt ‘witeh perform-nee mifiul be claimed banana of witch 6050mm when it's mammal. (Wlm of mounting sum 1 03mm MAX.) Uu two M3 tam! with wring wuhon to mounttho switch. Tim" the mum to I tau-qua of 0.4N u 0.5N~m (4 to swear"). 2) Do not tot tho twitch Wham it. mmnlcally ohlmmn'afict iI lfioc‘ed My, Ilka ”crowning. car puma: Ind other Mn and ohock. 3) Do nut putd'le switch in dimt wmhine. 4) Muhmiell Manor-than named by water cleaning. water owned, Ink of oil and other ornnk: ”Want. Is not war-mud by us. NoteZ. To be main-ted u "in. from my mnll'unctbnl both elactriodly Ind menhmicdlf MI- nritnh mutt nusfy following mulmnenm When innfllod tho «now at 0.5 demo from the horilonul. I) Contact mlinmee 1 am 2) Inlullfinn ruinous. 10M 0 MIN. (25W mam) (l) Our-ting uiunio intently More mu. :2“ of specified any is not nuptial. 4) Dielectric nmngth 250VAO 50/60sz I Ini'nma (Leak cum I ImA MAX) ma. Thin specific-tin in invllid N we waive no Approvll or no orzkr repluoement of your: within a year since this in submittud. ln a can of service yam. we will npl-nc wlth new wills-don; Motel. other! not included in this lpoeifioltion: Ira wbiectl tn china without notice OMRON
.1 :x :52. :« COW—E0 3.: S 2:15 22:59 . . .«a . ~m .az u m zw zou o m m»< :="">m < f="" mnomxefiw="" “new“="" hr“?="" x="" m;="" :fvéiw‘v.="" ‘v="" 5="" v="" .o«="" 5="" \m="" p="" p="" \="" a="" 0="" nr="" 5;;="" 32:="" «\nneke="" eeg="" iii»="" audwwmnn="" uz="" _="" :53="" m2="" _="" .250="" e;="" 305::="" 33”.:="" 3.6.3...="" “9:545="" zotsm="" zocbmhmo="" 22.2mm;="" tn="" :32:="" tmno="" .593.="" mi.="" mien="" 1:52:="" 3:253="" loc_uw\="" cuwczuo="" xo_:a="" hw—n="" hm‘mu="" )="" 8'2="" ,3:="" sun»="" :20;="" 99¢.="" dz="" f3="" .m="" 73="" (so?="" 038="" 1="" «5="" .o="" 026="" mazum="" ,n="" :3="" m.o.mlo.n.o="" 3:3="" :0="" com="" 2="" omfi="" :_m="mu:_" 353mm="" m="_gugauo;m">

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