IzoT® CT 4.1 Datasheet by Dialog Semiconductor US Inc.

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IzoT® CT 4.1
Software tool for installing and commissioning LON
Commissions LON® devices with a simple graphical interface
Compatible with all LON and IzoT media including LON/IP-70, LON/IP-852, LON/
FT, LON/PL, and LON/TP-1250
Provides an open platform supporting multiple simultaneous users
commissioning devices and running multiple applications from multiple vendors
Supports IzoT, OpenLNS, and LNS plug-ins
Supported by hundreds of third-party applications
Includes integrated LNS®-compatible IzoT Net Server for network management
Integrates easily with third-party tools and applications with an XML file import/
export capability
Reduces network design time with support for custom shapes and automatic
connection–type selection
Supports multiple LON networks, each with up to 32,385 devices on up to 1000
Supports LON devices with up to 4096 network variables per device
Merges independent networks into a single network
Imports and exports AutoCAD drawings
Supports data point monitoring and control from your network drawings
Includes the IzoT CT Browser for monitoring and controlling the devices in your
Free trial edition is available for download (not including Visio)
Install and commission a community of devices by simply drawing your network with the
integrated Microsoft Visio 2016 tool. As you draw your network, the IzoT Commissioning
Tool (CT) communicates with your devices to make them match your drawing. To make two
devices communicate, you draw a line between them. The result is a network drawing that
serves as the as-built documentation for your network.
Compatible plug-in applications for configuring a wide variety of LON devices are available
from hundreds of device manufacturers. IzoT CT integrates seamlessly with these plug-
ins so you can automatically start the correct plug-in by clicking on a device and selecting
Configure from the menu.
IzoT CT works with all LON devices giving
you a wide variety of options for the
devices to be installed in your networks.
There are never any per-device fees,
credits, or royalties when using IzoT CT.
IzoT CT includes the LNS-compatible
IzoT Net Server. The server provides an
open platform for tools and applications
to interact with your LON networks. You
can also use the integrated XML file
import/export capability to integrate with
applications that are not compatible with
the server.
You can reduce your network design time
by creating custom shapes that represent
the common device or subsystem
configurations that you frequently install.
For example, you can create a custom
shape that represents all the devices
in a room, including their device types,
configuration, and connections. To add
a new room to your network, you drag
your room custom shape to your drawing
and all the devices are automatically
created in your drawing and in the server
database, along with the configuration and
connections that you specified.
You can further reduce network design
time with automatic connection-type
selection. When you create a connection
in your drawing, IzoT CT automatically
selects the communications services for
the connection based on the sources and
targets that you specify. You can manually
override the selections to fine tune your
network behavior.
For very large networks where connectivity
is not available between all devices during
initial construction, you can initially create
your IzoT CT drawings and physical
networks as independent networks.
When connectivity is available between
your networks, you can use IzoT CT to
automatically merge the independent
networks into one large network.
You can import AutoCAD drawings of your
installations into your IzoT CT drawings.
For example, if you are installing a network
in a building, you can import the AutoCAD
floor plan of the building to serve as the
background for your IzoT CT drawing. You
can also export your IzoT CT drawing as an
AutoCAD drawing.
You can design your networks and
commission your devices at the same
time, or you can do your network design
independent of the physical hardware and
later commission your devices. You can
commission your devices one at a time, in
groups, or by subsystem.
Once you have commissioned your devices,
you can monitor and control their operation
from your drawings using connection
monitoring and Data Point shapes, or
from the IzoT CT Browser which provides
a tabular view of your selected data
points. You can use the integrated device
management window to test your devices
and determine their status.
Multiple Editions
IzoT CT is available in multiple editions.
The full-featured Professional Edition
supports an unlimited number of networks
and is suitable for network integrators.
The Standard Edition supports up to five
networks and is suitable for embedded
tools, where IzoT CT is installed as a
dedicated tool for an individual network.
Versions of IzoT CT are available with and
without an integrated copy of Visio 2016.
IzoT CT requires Visio 2016 or 2010. The
version without Visio is ideal for users who
already have a license for Visio 2016 or Visio
New for IzoT CT 4.1
IzoT CT 4.1 includes the following
enhancements from Release 4.0:
Visio 2016 – the editions of IzoT CT that
include Visio now include Visio 2016,
replacing Visio 2010 in Release 4.0.
Windows 10 Compatibility – Support for
64-bit Windows 10 has been added.
LON®/IP Support – Support for IP-70
interfaces and devices for native IP
IzoT Series 6000 Chip Support – Support
for application image download to
Echelon IzoT FT 6050 and 6010 Smart
Transceivers, and the IzoT Neuron 6050
Version 16 LonMark® Standard Resources
– This new resource file set includes 50
new standard profiles, including the new
VDI 3813 room automation functions.
Echelon U60 Network Interfaces – Support
for the Echelon U60 FT and TP-1250 USB
network interfaces.
PC Requirements
Operating System
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit and 32-bit),
Windows 8 (64-bit and 32-bit), Windows
Server 2016 (64-bit), or Windows Server
2012 (64-bit)
Minimum Hardware
1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster x86-bit or x64-
bit processor with SSE2 instruction set
1280 x 800 screen resolution display
LON Network Limits
Limits per Device
4096 NVs per device
Limits per Network
5 active IzoT CT clients
32,385 devices (routers and network
service devices count as two devices each)
32,385 application device types
1000 channels and 1000 routers
1 domain
12,288 bound selectors (selectors are
automatically reused)
Limits per IzoT CT
32,768 address table entries
1024 alias table entries
250 simultaneous outgoing transactions
(when using a Layer 2 or IP interface)
250 simultaneous incoming transactions
(when using a Layer 2 or IP interface)
Ordering Information
Model 38000-401
IzoT CT Professional Edition with Visio
Model 38010-400
IzoT CT Professional Edition without Visio
Model 38050-401
IzoT CT Professional Edition Activation Key
Model 38060-401
IzoT CT Professional Edition without Visio
Activation Key
Model 38070-400
IzoT CT Standard to Professional Upgrade
Model 38100-401
IzoT CT Standard Edition with Visio
Model 38150-401
IzoT CT Standard Edition Activation Key
Model 38160-400
IzoT CT Standard Edition without Visio
Activation Key
Model 93800
IzoT CT Professional One-Year
Maintenance Renewal
Model 93810
IzoT CT Standard One-Year Maintenance
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