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Data sheet
To simplify the selection and installation of wireless devices,
Phoenix Contact now offers the RAD-SYS-NEMA4X-900
enclosure system to complement the RAD series of
industrial radios.
The prewired control cabinet provides a 24 V DC power
supply, backup UPS system, surge protection for the line
power and antenna connections, and terminal blocks for
easy connectivity, all mounted on standard NS 35 mounting
rail. The 2 A power supply provides sufficient power for the
radio and several additional components, if necessary,
which can be mounted on the 25 cm (10 in.) of available rail
mounting space.
The selected components provide a robust, consistent
signal acquisition system for remote data collection. Simply
add a radio and antenna, and connect the sensors to
complete the system.
24 V DC power supply/UPS and external 24 V backup
–2 amp fuse
MAINS-PLUGTRAB surge protection for the line input
(100 - 240 V AC)
COAXTRAB surge protection for the antenna
Prewired cabinetry with extra terminal blocks for simple,
flexible installation
NEMA 4X enclosure provides protection against the
Panel and pole mounting kits available
Make sure you always use the latest documentation.
It can be downloaded at phoenixcontact.com/.
This document is valid for all products listed in the “Ordering data” on page 2.
NEMA 4X enclosure with UPS DC power supply for
wireless systems
3Ordering data
4 Technical data
Description Type Order No. Pcs./Pkt.
Enclosure, for 900 MHz radio
includes power supply, UPS, battery back-up and surge protection
RAD-SYS-NEMA4X-900 2917188 1
Description Type Order No. Pcs./Pkt.
Pole mounting kit RAD-SYS-BKT 2900038 1
One-way wireless system, for one 4-20 mA and two discrete signals,
900 MHz
RAD-ISM-900-SET-UD-ANT 2867102 1
Two-way transceiver set, for one 4-20 mA in/out and two discrete signals in/
out. Accepts expandable I/O modules, 900 MHz
RAD-ISM-900-SET-BD-BUS 2867089 1
Multipoint-to-point transceiver set, accepts expandable I/O modules,
900 MHz, custom order
5605715-XXXX 1
Bidirectional transceiver, 900 MHz, for wireless transmission of serial and
I/O data
RAD-900-IFS 2901540 1
RS-232 serial data radio, 900 MHz RAD-ISM-900-RS232-BD 2867555 1
RS-232/485/422 serial data radio, 900 MHz RAD-ISM-900-DATA-BD 2867131 1
RS-232/485/422 serial data radio, 900 MHz, accepts expandable I/O
RAD-ISM-900-DATA-BD-BUS 2867296 1
General data
Dimensions (H x W x D) 359 x 311 x 156 mm (14.1 x 12.3 x 6.1 in.)
Material Fiberglass
Conduit connections 1/2-in.
Antenna connection N, female
MINI-DC-UPS/24DC/2 (Order No. 2866640)
Input voltage range nominal 100 - 240 V DC
Current consumption 0.6 A @ 230 V AC
1.0 A @ 115 V AC
Output current 2 A
Nominal output voltage 24 V DC
Output voltage range (normal mode) 22.5 - 29.5 V DC
Output voltage range (buffer mode) 27.2 - 19.2 V DC
MINI-BAT/24DC/0.8AH (Order No. 2866666)
Nominal output voltage 24 V DC
Nominal capacity 0.8 Ah
PT 2-PE/S-230AC-ST (Order No. 2839347)
Maximum continuous operating voltage 253 V AC
Leakage current @ MCOV (L-N) <1.1 mA
Leakage current to ground <1.5 µA
Maximum discharge surge current (8/20 µs) per mode 10 kA
2484_en_E 3/3
PHOENIX CONTACT GmbH & Co. KG • Flachsmarktstraße 8 • 32825 Blomberg • Germany
CN-UB-70DC-6-BB (Order No. 2803166)
Maximum continuous operating voltage 70 V DC/50 V AC
Nominal current IN10 A
Operating current IC at UC<1 µA
Nominal discharge surge current (8/20 µs) 5 kA
Maximum discharge surge current (8/20 µs) 10 kA
Output voltage threshold at 1 kV/µs <650 V
Protection level Up (C2 (4 kV/2kA)) <800 V
Response time tA <100 ns
Cut-off frequency (3 dB) in a 50 system >6 GHz
Standing wave frequency (SWR) in a 50 system, typical 1.15 (6 GHz)
Permissible HF power at SWR=1.1/ in a 50 system 30 W (VSWR = 1.15)
Capacitance, typical 1.5 pF
Connection N-type, female, 50

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