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WonderMASK P Peelable Solder Mask Apply shou upo pre 65 pl Data Sheet m A 104/15! mm on Typical Product Data and Physical Properties Color: Pink/red Performance & Application Data Application Template, hand, pneumatic, robotic Suggested thickness 20730 mils Cure time 1m. Ambient, 3 20 min. @src museum - www.mchsnray cem
WonderMASK P Peelable Solder Mask
Product# 2211
Product Description
WonderMASK P is a temporary, peel-able solder mask comprised of a
thixotropic, synthetic acrylic latex designed to withstand fluxing,
wave soldering and cleaning operations. Unlike natural latex mask, it
contains no offensive ammonia and hence is non-corrosive to copper,
gold, silver or pre-soldered surfaces. In addition, stability problems
are averted. When applied, the product is opaque pink, and when
cured, becomes completely translucent red. Cured mask can be for
masking conformal coatings. May be used in applications such as
robotic, pneumatic, hand applied or template screening (not
recommended for silk screening).
Techspray’s WonderMASK is the industry-leading temporary solder
mask brand because of quality and versatility. Depending on the
product, mask can be peeled off manually or washed off in a batch or
inline system.
WonderMASK has a number of useful applications in PCB assembly:
Thru-hole masking Prevent soldering open holes in a wave
soldering process by covering with WonderMASK. All of the masks
listed below are well suited for this application.
Conformal coating masking In a conformal coating dipping or
spraying process, WonderMASK can be used to cover connectors
and other components and areas that should not be coated.
Temporary component adhesive WonderMASK can be used to
tack down components on double-sided PCBs.
All Techspray WonderMASK products have the following advantages:
Can be cured in pre-heat
Withstands lead-free soldering temperatures up to 640°F (343°C)
in wave soldering process
RoHS compliant
Features / Benefits
Easily peel-able
Low odor
Cure indicator - darkens as it cures
Compatible with gold and copper leads
Usage Instructions
Apply a 20 to 30 mil coating for best results to desired area. The substrate
should be free from flux, oil, and particulate matter. Drying times depend
upon ambient humidity. Under normal conditions WonderMASK P is ready for
preheating stage in 1 hour, however, cure can be accelerated to 30 minutes at
65˚C/150˚F or 20 minutes at 82˚C/180˚F. Do not over cure, as blistering of
mask can occur, causing removal problems. Mask will change from an opaque
pink to a translucent red when complete cure is accomplished. Mask does not
have to be completely dry to withstand soldering operation; however, it
should be completely translucent before removal.
Typical Product Data and Physical Properties
Physical state: Liquid
Color: Pink/red
Relative density: 1
Shelf life: 2 years
Performance & Application Data
Application Template, hand, pneumatic, robotic
Viscosity 28,000-30,000 cps
Suggested thickness 20-30 mils
Thinner DI water
Cure time 1hr. Ambient, 30 min.@65°C,
20 min. @82°C
Removal Peel-able
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WonderMASK P Peelable Solder Mask
Product# 2211
Packaging and Availability
2211-8SQ 8 oz. Liquid
2211-G 1 Gallon Liquid
2211-5G 5 Gallon Liquid
2211-54G 54 Gallon Liquid
Environmental Policy
Techspray® is committed to developing products to ensure a safer
and cleaner environment. We will continue to meet and sustain the
regulations of all federal, state and local government agencies.
Techspray® products are supported by global sales, technical and
customer services resources.
For additional technical information on this
product or other
Techspray® products in the United States, call the technical sales
department at 800-858-4043, email tsales@techspray.com or visit
our web site at: www.techspray.com.
Important Notice to Purchaser/User: The information in this
publication is based on tests that we believe are reliable. The results
may vary due to differences in tests type and conditions. We
recommend that each user evaluate the product to determine its
suitability for the intended application. Conditions of use are outside
our control and vary widely. Techspray’s only obligation and your
only solution is replacement of product that is shown to be defective
when you receive it. In no case will Techspray® be liable for any
special, incidental, or consequential damages based on breach of
warranty, negligence or any other theory.
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