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G3 Universal Cleaner
Product# 1638
Product Description
Powerful, nonflammable bulk cleaner that is engineered to remove
oils, fluxes and other contamination from electronics using a manual
soak cleaning process or ultrasonic equipment.
Features / Benefits
Powerful cleaner
Rapid evaporation
Zero residue
All-in-one degreaser and defluxer
Proven effective for lead-free processes
Non-ozone depleting
Material Compatibility
Plastics & Rubber Compatibility
ABS: Not Compatible
Nylon: Excellent
Lexan: Not Compatible
HDPE: Excellent
C.E.Phenolic: Excellent
PMMA: Not Compatible
POM: Excellent
PP: Excellent
PS: Not Compatible
PTFE: Excellent
PVC: Excellent
PVC Rigid: Not Compatible
Usage Instructions
For ultrasonic or soak applications, be sure to cover tank when not in
use to prevent evaporation. Wash parts from top to bottom, allowing
the liquid to flush away dirt
and dissolved soils. Scrub with
Techspray® technical brush for more difficult soils. Change solvent
frequently to avoid cross-contamination.
NOTE: not intended for use in vapor degreasing equipment.
Typical Product Data and Physical Properties
Physical state: Liquid
Flammable limits: Lower 4.7%
Upper 12.8%
Color: Clear, colorless
Odor: Ethereal, faint odor
Boiling/condensation point: 93ºF (33.9ºC)
Vapor pressure: 25 kPa (187.77 mmHg)
Vapor density: >1 [Air=1]
Volatility: 100%
Shelf life: 5 years, unopened
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800-858-4043 www.techspray.com
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G3 Universal Cleaner
Product# 1638
Packaging and Availability
1638-G 1 gallon
1638-5G 5 gallon
Environmental Policy
Techspray® is committed to developing products to ensure a safer
and cleaner environment. We will continue to meet and sustain the
regulations of all federal, state and local government agencies.
Techspray® products are supported by global sales, technical and
customer services resources.
For additional technical information on this product or other
Techspray® products in the United States, call the technical sales
department at 800-858-4043, email tsales@techspray.com or visit
our web site at: www.techspray.com.
Important Notice to Purchaser/User: The information in this
publication is based on tests that we believe are reliable. The results
may vary due to differences in tests type and conditions. We
recommend that each user evaluate the product to determine its
suitability for the intended application. Conditions of use are outside
our control and vary widely. Techspray’s only obligation and your
only solution is replacement of product that is shown to be defective
when you receive it. In no case will Techspray® be liable for any
special, incidental, or consequential damages based on breach of
warranty, negligence or any other theory.
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