BRD-MPCIE-X Datasheet by NimbeLink, LLC

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Wireless Solutions for the Real World
Wireless Solutions for the Real World
BiPOM Electronics, Inc.
BiPOM Electronics, Inc.
Target Applications:
• Digital signage
Security panels
Surveillance equipment
• Control panels
Ordering Information:
Custom versions available
BRD-mPCIe-X Specifications:
Works with all NL-SW series modems,
except NL-SW-HSPA
Supply voltage: 3.3V from miniPCIe
Active call current: 720mA - 1.5A
Normal current: 29mA
Power saving current: 1mA
Temperature range: -40ºC to +85ºC
Communication Method: USB
More details and Technical Manual are available for download at
BiPOM Electronics, Inc. Phone: 1-713-283-9970 E-mail: Web:
All trademarked names in this brochure are the property of respective owners.
The BRD-mPCIe-X full size mini PCI express adapter board adds cellular
connectivity to any device with a mini-PCIe slotembedded PCs, laptops,
industrial tablets or custom PC boards--without the cost and delay of ob-
taining FCC and carrier certification. The adapter board accepts all the
NimbeLink NL-SW series certified Skywire cellular modems (except the
NL-SW-HSPA), which are the smallest in the industry. The standard mini
PCIe adapter, with choice of compact Skywire modems, fits easily within
most of todays miniaturized devices.
BRD-mPCIe-X is fully backed by a 3-year warranty, technical support and
application assistance from BiPOM Electronics, Inc.
Fast incorporation of Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile
and other cellular access without certification cost
Eliminates the need for chip-down modem
Allows compact device layout
• Requires no software development on Linux and
just addition of a USB driver on Windows
• Compact size fits directly onto boards with full size mini-PCIe slots
Plug-and-play operation with Linux, Windows 7,8,10, and Embedded
• Customer can use any antenna without requiring re-certification
Skywire Inside