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RFID RFID/NFC S50 Card Reader - PS/2 Interface
For projects where you just want to use RFID 13.56MHz tags or cards, this nicely packaged RFID reader
may be more desirable than our RFID/NFC shield or breakout. The nice thing about this reader is that its
packaged in plastic, has an LED and buzzer to indicate when a card is read, and spits out the 4-byte card ID
over the PS/2 cable as if it were a keyboard. It cannot read or write the contents of the card, its only good
for reading the permanent 4-byte ID burned into each13.56 MHz tag.
Nearly all microcontrollers have existing PS/2 keyboard examples that would work fine with this reader.
For Ardiuno users, we tried out PJRC's PS2_Keyboard library with great success - just check the 'simple
text' example for which pins you can connect to on your 'duino (on an Uno we used digital pins 2 and 3).
We suggest our PS/2 adapter cable to make the wiring easy. Bring any of our RFID/NFC tags close to the
reader top and watch as the ID number is 'typed' out into the serial monitor. The ID number is typed out in
base 10 (that is, normal decimal)
Please remember this reader cannot read or write the EEPROM contents of the card, its only good for
reading the permanent 4-byte ID burned into each RFID/NFC tag. This means its good for identifying one
card from another, but not for storing data onto the cards. Its also not guaranteed to work with anything
other than classic RFID/NFC S50 tags. If you want to read/write to the EEPROM inside the tag, or use
other kinds of 13.56 MHz tags check out our PN532 based breakout and shield!
Technical Details
o Dimensions: 4.3"x3.2"x0.98" (109mm x 81mm x 25mm)
o Contains 1x PS/2 to cat5 cable

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