PLC3 Series Drawing Datasheet by ITT Cannon, LLC

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Drwg. Noi CU-132042 )Losti: Lutcr STYLE C3:IY7*UY79*RECE’ptOCIQ witn cable coLIet and not For Fitting a bend reITeF HHHSDLDER CDNTACT DUTER SHELL MATERIAL GZGREY PSU (STANDARD) EZBLACK BZDLACK PSU PZGREY PEI PEI BACK NUT CDLDR 0:BLACK 1:WHITE E:RED 4:YELLDW 5:GREEN 6:BLUE 8:GREY CDNTACT PLATING 2: GDLD PLATING ECU” INSULATDR DUTER SHELL PLC3><><><7><>< cdntact="" in="" live="" receptacle="" with="" bend="" reliee="" 02:2="" 03:3="" 06:="" 07:7="" 10:10="" pin="" pin="" pin="" pin="" pin="" cdding="" 0:0”="" (standard)="" a:4u°="" ezbu“="" c:6c°="" h:i7d°="" numberdecdvtacts="" 04:4="" 05:5="" 08:8="" 09:9="" 1444="" pin="" fin="" pin="" pin="" pin="" jzecs”="" cable="" cdllet="" 1:="" ®3i9nm="" (cablew:2i7~3i9mn)="" 2:0152nm="" (cable®:4="" back="" njt="" cable="" cdllet="" 3:¢65mm="" (cable¢:5i3~6i5mm)="" ~5i2mm)="" 9,00="" uouuna="" ~41=""><=i='> $13,9U NDTES i 1‘ MATERIAL HDUSING i HIGH TEMPERATURE PLASTIC,UL94V*0 INSERT ‘ HIGH TEMPERATURE PLASTIC,UL94\/*0 CDNTACT i CDDPER ALLDY CABLE CDLLET i HIGH TEMPERATURE 3LASTIC,LL94\/*U BACK NUT i HIGH TEMPERATURE PLASTIC,UL94\/7C 2i NLMBER DE CDNTACT i 2 TD 14 PDSITIDN 3‘ ALL DIMENSIDNS ARE IN MILLIMETERSi 4i RCHS DIRECTIVE CDNPLANCE 5i BEND RELIEF DRDERED IN SEPERATE ”'3 "”7 SCALE Total VOlWE = Total SurFoce Area : ‘PDM’ lA3/B BMW" DANIEL 05*M9y45 Materml: @e Tau nndun Industrlal Area, Pro/E Generic Model ”mks, HEREID 05-May-15 ° Jln q Chang. Xlner Villa 2, Title 3“, ANGLE Shqung Tom Buunn Dis nizt, ‘ Engineer. DANIEL OErMuyrls pRnJECTmN ”TIT flmdUSTETUQS Shenzhan my FTOSUC WSW PW “unwed PRC 515125 IneLineAReLeptuLie ‘ WWW . ‘tn cums coiiet and nut Connon Electronics (SZ) Co. Ltd. W‘ Assembly Treatment: Dummy UMPSS Specified ReF: Der- 35”“ A INITIAL ISSUE 08-May-15 Apprnvuis STQn Dimensions Tni Cust Spa: Nol | Scale 2-1 ‘Sheet 1 0F 2 N°' PUEBZDAE A 1595 DCN/ECN 0r DESCF'Dt'M Date in; k Issue! n min “may.“ nu (minim 0m N I; m uni-1 as . h-sls «it "warm." w yak m: an n |s rink rank! raprMEd a? “(land in n om nur‘y mm may up In pm «mm m prinr lrk‘m mum a: in Influgvks c ne-iuy-is 24710708 _=J avoaei—na 'ON 'SMI
Drwg. Noi [EU-132042 VIEW FRDM TERMINATIDN SIDE FEMALE PART ©© ©© PDSITIDNS 2 PIN 3 PIN 4 PIN 5 PIN 6 PIN 7 PIN 8 PIN 9 DIN ID PIN :4 PIN CDDINE (RECEPTACLE FQDNT VIEW): 0 0 4m 60" 80° ‘ W m m “o R H o 1% D“ "”7 SCALE Total VOlWE = Total SuN-‘oce Area : ‘PDM’ lA3/B BMW" DANIEL 05*M9y45 Moter‘mli @6 Elm area‘un Inifiistrlvurren, Pro/E Generic Model Checked HEREID 05_M°y_15 ° V‘ “. "‘9' "9’ ‘7‘ El Title 3 a ANGLE Shqung Tom Buunn 1115 74:12, ‘ Engineer. DANIEL OErMuyrlS panJEc-HDN ”TIT flmdwgtrfleg Shenzhan my PM)?“ WSW PW “unwed M PRC 515125 IriiLH’IE’ReLEptuLLE’ ‘ “m . with cums comet and nut Assembly Treatment: y/ Common Electronics (SZ) Co. Ltd. Dummy UMPSS pacified ReF: nrwg- 35”“ A INITIAL ISSUE 08-May-15 Apprnvuis Sign Date Dimensions in: Dust Spa: Nol | Scale 2-1 ‘Sheet 2 or a N°' cu7132042 A 1595 DCN/ECN 0r DESCF'Dt'M Date m; k Inna! m min “may.“ nu (minim 0m N Is an nun-1 as . h-sls m wau‘w! 11 ink m w.“ n |s m rank! "7mm nP dIszlnud m i. om nur‘y mm may a? In pm .mm m priu "mm mum of m inmmu c m-Dhy-IS 24710708 _iJ avoaei—na 'ON 'SMI

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