55PC0251 Drawing Datasheet by TE Connectivity Raychem Cable Protection

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SPECIFICATION CONTROL DRAWING 55Pc0251 YITLE Dale REVISIDII FIVE CONDUCTORCABLE, UNSHIELDED. UNJACKETED‘ 600 VOLT 03-20410 5 This specification sheel forms a pan of me IaIeSl issue of Raychem Specification 55PC. COMPONENT WIRES - 55PC0211 CONSTRUCTION DETAILS DIAMEI'ER WEIGHT connucron [in] (lbs/1000 ft ) PART N MBER U (3'62) LOWER SPEC TARGET UPPER SPEC TARGET UPPER SPEC UMIT VALUE IJMIT VALUE UMIT 55PC0251-22' 22 .118 .130 ,141 14.78 15.23 CABLE RATINGS AND ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS TEMPERATURE RATING: 150‘: PART NUMBER: Maximum continuous conductor lemuevalure The In the part numbers above shall be repIacEd by VOLTAGE RATING: eoo volls Irms) a color code designator with a slash separating me INSULATION FLAWS: componem WIre coIars. Impulse Dielemic Test. 30 kV (peak) Example: AWG 22, white. black red‘ mange, and yellow cnrnponenlwire 55P00251422~9/0/2/3M calomucom conEuESIGNAms SHAME INACCDRDANCEWWH MIL~SIDSEL Raychem m5 SPECIFICA'IION sHEEI TAKES FRECEDENCE oI/ER DOCUMENTS REEERENch HEREIN REFERENCED JDOCansIIIullnn Dnvel Menln Park. CaIIIamIa soozs DOCUMENTS SHALL SE OF THE ISSUE IN EFFECT ON DATE or INVITATION FOR EID, FEW-2 Rama“ FAX 1-650-351-6257 Page1 01 1

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