Cutting, Install Instr Datasheet by Techflex

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Products displaying this icon should be cut with a hot knife, rope cutter or some other method for cutting
and sealing the ends to prevent fraying during the installation and assembly process. We offer an assort-
ment of tools to accomplish this, ranging from heavy duty, high volume devices to portable gas powered units.
Measure the sleeving to length. Keep
the sleeving relaxed and don’t pull it
as you measure. The most accurate
method is to measure the sleeving on
the actual application. There will be
some foreshortening of the sleeving
as it expands over large bundles or
connectors. Mark the cut line with a
pen or marker.
When the knife is hot, slide the sleev-
ing over the cutting blade. Practice
on a piece of scrap to get a feel for
the procedure. Always cut in a well
ventilated area and avoid inhaling
the fumes. Both the blade and the cut
ends will be HOT. Be careful.
While the ends are still hot, use an
inverted funnel (needle nose pliers or
scissors also work well) to form the
end into a soft flare. This will allow
the sleeving to easily slide over your
application and accommodate plugs
or connectors without binding.
To install the sleeving over your appli-
cation, just push the flared end over
the ends of the wires and walkthe
sleeve down the length of the bundle
from behind. Once the sleeving is in
place, just run your hand over the
applied sleeving to smooth it out.
Compact Hot Knife
25mm blade heats to 1,112°F/600°C in less than 10 seconds.
6” long. Weighs under 4 lbs. Replaceable carbide steel blade.
Made in Germany. Available in 110 and 220 volt models.
Compact Hot Knife 110 volt - GK30.00BE
Compact Hot Knife 220 volt - GK40.00BE
Heavy Duty Hot Knife
Thermostatically controlled electronics heat the 3” carbide blade to 1,112°F/600°C
in less than ten seconds and maintain preset temperature indefinitely. Heavy duty,
German engineered tool will slice through advanced chemistry polymer sleeving
without dragging. Available in 110 or 220 volt models.
Heavy Duty Hot Knife 110 volt - GK50.00BE
Heavy Duty Hot Knife 220 volt - GK60.00BE
Bench Mount Hot Knife
Heavy duty components and heavy gauge 2 1/2” blade make this tool ideal
for use in production environments. Lighted power switch. Heats to 1,112°F/600°C
in 30 seconds. Replaceable blades. 110 volt operation.
Bench Mount Hot Knife - HKB0.00WH
Replacement Knife Blade - RBB0.00SV
Heavy Duty
Handheld Hot Knife
German engineered, heavy
duty handheld hot knife. Long
life trigger switch. Heats quickly to
1,112°F/600°C. Interchangeable blades.
110 or 220 volt models available.
HD Handheld Knife 110 volt - GK10.00GN
HD Handheld Knife 220 volt - GK20.00GN
Handheld Hot Knife
Perfect for individual projects or small volume production.
The large knife blade heats quickly and easily cuts and seals
most grades of braided sleeving. Handle can also be used as
a soldering gun with the appropriate tips. 110 volt operation.
Hand Held Hot Knife - HKH0.00BK
Replacement Knife Blade - RBH0.00SV
800 323-5140
Cutting To Prevent Fraying
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Hot Knife Kit
When AC power isn’t available,
this refillable butane powered torch
fills the bill for cutting and sealing braided
sleeving. Push-button ignition, adjustable to
932°F/500°C, up to 3 hour capacity and
BONUS cutting blade attachment.
Butane Hot Knife Kit - HKP0.00SV
Replacement Blade - RBP0.00SV
Heavy Duty Serrated Edge Scissors
Serrated, angled shears are ideal for cutting Clean Cut, Flexo
Stainless and other sleeving types. Comfortable, high impact
grips and stainless steel blades ensure years of use.
Heavy Duty Serrated Edge Scissors - SHR0.00SV
800 323-5140
F6 Installation Tool
This simple tool makes
installing long lengths
of F6 sleeving a breeze.
Just insert your bundle
of wires into the shank of
the tool and slide it along
the split in the sleeving. As
the tool travels along the
sleeving, it deposits the wires and
allows the split to close correctly.
For Installing 1/4” F6 Sleeving - INN0.25OR
For Installing 1/2” F6 Sleeving - INN0.50OR
For Installing 3/4” F6 Sleeving - INN0.75OR
For Installing 1” F6 Sleeving - INN1.00OR
For Installing 1 1/2” F6 Sleeving - INN1.50OR
Flexo Flange
Techflex’s Flexo Flange is a quick and effective way
of creating permanent wiring installations attractive-
ly and affordable. Flexo Flange is used in a variety
of applications where a secure, finished end is
desirable. The processed ends add hundreds
of pounds of strain relief. This innovation
opens a whole new world of management
possibilities that are production ready.
For our installer solution see page 47.
Premium Kevlar Shears
The properties that make Kevlar so tough in use also make the
material a challenge to cut to length. These special shears make
short work of trimming Kevlar sleeving to the proper length.
Premium Kevlar Shears - KVS0.00SV
Cutting & Installation Tools
Sleeving Installation Tool
1.Gather Sleeving on Fixture
2.Feed Wires
3.Set-Up Pulleys
4.Pull Wires & Sleeving
This completely modular system allows production level installation of braided sleeving over wire and cable bundles of virtually
unlimited length. The system is simple to set up and interchangeable components accommodate diameters up to 2”.
For more information about this product contact your Account Representative.
Economy Kevlar Shears
For non-production volumes, these lightweight economical
shears easily cut through Kevlar and other aramid materials.
Handle color may vary.
Economy Kevlar Shears - SHR0228-AS