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SHARP GP2YOE02A I Description GP2YOE02A is a distance measuring sensor umt, composed ofan integrated combination of CMOS image sensor and IRVLLD. The variety of rho reflectivity of the Object, the environmental temperature and the operating duration are not influenced easily to the distance detection because of adopting the triangulation method. This device outputs the voltage corresponding [0 the detection distance. So this sensor can also be used as a proximity sensor. I Features it Infrared LED and CMOS image sensor with builtein signal processing circuit 2. Distanee measuring range : 4 to 50 cm 3. Low voltage operation : Min 2.7V 4. Compact size (18.9 x 8,0 x 5.2mm) 5. Highapretzisicm measurement 6. Analog output type GP2YOE02A Distance Measuring Sensor Unit Measuring distance : 4 to 50 cm Analog output type lAgency approvals/Compliance l. Compliant with Rolls directive (201 l/65/EL') lApplications 1. Cleaning Robot 2. lluman type Robot 3. ’l'ouchalcss switch (Sanitary equipment, Control orillumination, etc) 4. Sensor for energy Saving (ATM, Copier: LCD monitor, etc) 5. Amusement equipment (Robot, game machine, ete) Notice The content oi data sheet is subtect to change without prior notice in the ahsenoe ot eonnrmation by device speeirieation sheets, SHARP takes no vespanslhllliy tor any detects that may occur in equipment using any SHARP oeviees shown in oataloos data hooks etc. Contact SHARP in order to obtain the iatest tteviee soeemcation sheets Deidre usino an SHARP oevice Sheet No umuozm
SHARP lSchematic (i) VDD :2 GND 3 Voul(A) 27‘ (mow GPZYOEOZA Please usc an electric sourcc With an output current of 1 SOmA or more because LED pulse current is mots than IOUmAV IOutline (meing Nov CY15126102A) D N0 5 Ncl vun - Cmmccmr nouzwmwmsrursxrm Sheng‘an Technolnrgy Cu , m (1016) ‘ Mmrizls Black my um vu Nam Nox=2 Note}, Scale: 5/1 Unit: mm Ill! um Mkax x we; Unspnxfled memo: mu be :0 Inn The dmmim in panama» m nhawn for Malena: m rca bucksldn rm xamc Upcn pang“. pm... m. m. mm. mm." "m... Wm Luz! Markmg L GPZYOHILA (Mndcl Na) mam —.—_ pm No. Mmuh (1 m 9,0,N,D) (om mammal) nu (DIN mam when DIN sundud yen Pmdunhcn (Rcmuvc mpgyz} (h ”pen; mdfby : mod [or 20 ym) m; s Sheer N0 OPIROOEEN
SHARP lAbsolute maximum ratings GPZYOEOZA Ta=25°C (unless otherw1se specified) Parameter Symbol Ratings Unit Remark Supply voltage VDD 70.3 to + 3.5 v . Output temiinal voltage Vout (A) 70.3 to +2.8 v . Output eurrent tout (A) 76.0 to +5.0 mA . Input terminal voltage 012101 70.3 to VDDA0.3 v Refer to 374 Operating temperature Topr 710 to +60 “C . Storage temperature Tstg ,40 to +70 °C . I Recommended operating conditions Parameter Symbol Rating Unit Remark Supply voltage VDD 2.7 to 3.3 v . GPIDl High level input v11-t Min. VDD x 0.7 v Operating State (112101 Low level input VIL Max. VDD x 0.3 v Standrlxy state I EIectrO-optical Characteristics (Tu:25°C. VDD =3V) Parameter Symbol Conditions MIN. TYI’ MAX, tlnit Measuring distanee range L x (Note 1) 4 . 50 em Output terminal voltage Vout(A)l LrSOCm (Note 1. 2) 0.3 0.55 0.2; v Output terminal voltage VouttA)2 L:10em (Note 1. 2) 1.9 2.0 2.1 v Output terminal voltage Vout(A)3 L:4cm (Note 1.2) 2.1 2.2 2.3 v Average supply current leel L’SOctn, GPlOliVDD . 26 so nlA Standrby supply current 1ee2 (3910143)”) . 20 60 wt Response time (Note 4) T5 L:50em a L:4em (Note 4) . . 40 ms x L ; Distance to reflective object (Note 1) Under dark condition (Note 2) Using reflective object : While paper (Made by Japan Color Research Institute order made color chart : mat. reflective ratio : 90%) (Note 3) Max. time means that it lakes time to stabilize output due to the change ofreflected signal light. Definition ‘ the case that object condition is changed suddenly from the least reflectiontmax. gain condition in internal circuil) to the most reflection (min. gain Condition in internal circuit). (Note 4) Method ofmeasuring (Ts) Connect GPIOl with GND during measuring L:50cm with reflective object: Gray paper (mat, reflective rati ‘ 10%). After changing the position (L=4un with reflective object: White paper (mat, reflective ratio : 90"). Measuring the time ol'the output terminal : Vout(A) until stabilizing. Reflective Obj ect 10% @SOem 90% @Acm GPIO] V0ut(A) Ts (Max 40ms) Vout(A) updated every ZOms al'ter response time. yi (spec max. @4em) sneer N0 OPIROOEEN
SHARP GPZYOEOZA lTiming Chan Acliwe / Stand-by timing sequence GPIOl is set High or Low to conlml Active/standrby state. GPIOl= 'gh ' Active state GPIOlZLow ; Standrby state VDD A 1* E E i 1—}; GPIOI 4! |—1 : . :9: T] :9: T2 I Description Min Max Unit T] GPIOI power delay afier VDD power on 0 , ms T2 GPIOI leading to VDD power off 0 , ms GPIOl should be sct after or at the same time VDD has turned on. 1n case that VDD turn off, GPIOl should he pull lnw. lfthis product is operated under the condition cxccpt the above, this product or uthcr dcvicc around it may givc damage due to cxccssivc current. I Supplements 1. Example ofoulpul distance characteristics anmplc of output distance characteristics of GP2YOE02A 2.5 2 g i 1.5 3 S l > \ 0.5 0 0 10 20 30 40 so 60 Distance to reflective object*1 [cm] ‘1 : [75mg reflective object White paper(ret1ecme mm) ; 90%) 2. Example ordiieetional angle of emitting beam 1.1 I 0.9 0.8 0.7 0.6 0.5 0.4 0,3 0,2 0.1 0 Relative value 710 Sheer N0 OPIROOEEN
SHARP GPZYOEOZA I Notes lAdv ice for the optics] .Lens of this device shall be kept cleanly. There are cases that dust, water or oil and so on deteriorate the characteristics ofthis device. Please consider in actual application. .In case that protection cover is set in front of this sensor , the protection cover shall be recommended to use material which doesn‘t scatter light and be matl finish. And the protection cover which has the most efficient transmittance at the emitting wavelength range ofLED for this product (1:850nm170nm). And this protection cover is recommend to be flat. And this protection cover shall be recommended to be parallel to the emitter and detector portion. In case that protection cover is set in front of this sensor, It emits reflected light from this protection cover. If this reflect light reaches in detector portion, the output distance ofthis product may he changed. The output distance characteristics ofthis product may he changed with according to material (®) or transmittance (®) or the thickness ((33) or the distance between the protection cover and this product (@) or the angle between surface and back t®) or the angle between this cover and this sensor(©). In case that protection cover is set, please design to consider that this reflective light is minimized. And it shall be effective to put light shield wall between emitting lens and receiving lens as shown in below. Fixed rcfcrcnce conditions : Protection covct' (Dmatcrial : acrylic resin _ _ _ I: :2 : @thietrness @transmittanee ; >90%@850nm @D'S‘me - @the angle between surface and back ; pai‘allcl fl @thc angle between cover and sensor : parallel Sensor Cover has the surface finish without light diffusion. Condition ©thickness (1 distance light shield \vall No1 linm 0min - No2 linm 1 mm nonexistence No3 Zinm 0mm - No4 2mm 1mm exisitence [*l Direct reflective light becomes large as Distance from sensor to protection cover and thickncs ofthis cover beeome large In case thickness is 2mm and distance is 1mm, measuring distance is changed shift larger frotn actual distance than othcr condition. it shirts make small by using installation of light shield [*1 and compensation function [”1 . {*1 Noted for installation ofliglit shield [nner distance between lens of detector and lens of emitter is around 0.6mm (reference). So the width oflight shield is recommended to be less than (1.6mm. In case the width oflight shield is longer than inner distance, measuring distance is changed by Shield a part of emitter lens or detector lens. Please confirm that there is no problem under the actual equipment, And in case between protection cover and light shield or between light shield and this sensor exists space, The effect oflight shield is small because light from emitter leaks. The light shield wall is recommended to use the material that have the low transmittance at the emitting wavelength range of LED for this product (1:850nm:70nm). When the material oflight shield wall is hard, and the power stress in which it is added to this product is large, measuring distance may shitt from actual distance. _L The width of j '1‘ light shield wall Protection " covcr ugh. shicld wan - Light shield wall [“1 Noted ofcompensation function This product has the function which rectities error shift by the direct reflective light from protection cover. The accuracy after compensation is based on a protection cover or its installation condition. This function can be active when it set correction factor in this product by Eefuse. Please refer to application manual about the detail ofthis function. Neither installation ofa light shield wall nor use ofa compensation function guarantees the distance characteristic, These improve error shift of the distance characteristic. Regardless otuse ofa light shield wall or a compensation function. please use it aner confirming with customer's product. Sheet No OPIROOEEN
SHARP GPZYOEOZA [Advice for the characteristics] .In case that there is an object near to light exits of the sensor between the sensor and the detected object, please use this device after confirming sufficiently what the characteristics of this sensor do not change by the object. .This product has the function to remove disturbance light by the cancellation function of ambient light. a visible light cut lens, etc. But when the detector receive direct light from the sun, tungsten lamp and so on, there are cases that it can not measure the distance exactly. Please consider the design that the detector does not receive direct light from such light source. When you operate the customer‘s set installing this product by the remote control. please consider soft that the output of this product being disregarded at the time of remote control operation by software. .1) tance between sensor and mirror reflector cannot be measured exactly. .In case that reflective object has boundary line clearly, there is cases that distance can not measure exactly. At that time, if direction of boundary line and the line between emitter center and detector center are parallels, it is possible to decrease deviation of measuring distance, ;% m_s|]:gj (0) (lneorreet) (Correct) Sensor board .ln order to decrease measuring error due to moving direction ofobject. \ve reeommend to mount the sensor like below drawing. (0) (Moving dircction) (Moving dircction) .For satisfying the spectflcation ofthe electro optical characteristic, it is necessary to install a flat surface of object in vertical ofemitted light, and it is necessary to reflect the whole emitted light as shown in the following figure. As shown in the example of directional angle of emitting beam, The angle is around 6 ° (:3") where emission becomes 10% of peaks. The object needs to exist in whole around 10 degrees (15 degrees) area including the variation ofpeak posittons For example. when the object is in 50 cm. it is necessary to install the object of at least 9cm diameter parallel to the surface ofthis sensor as follows. However above example doesn‘t guarantee specification, please use it after confirming with customer's product. . Obj cct Exam le : R:90“/n malt P i 90m sensor [Notes on handling] .Plcasc don‘t do washing. Washing may dctcrioratc thc charactcristics of optical systcm and so on. Plcasc confirm rcsistancc to chcmicals undcr the actual usagc sincc this product has not bccn dcsigncd ag' 'nst washing. .Plcasc usc this product undcr thc condition that applicd strcss to thc connector below 049)]. And, hamcss is pullcd in thc statc \vhcrc it attachcd Lhis sensor, or plcasc bc carcful so that thc stress morc than thc above may not bc added to this sensor. .This product have the pans that mount to the substratc by soldering . Sinee there is a possibility that a soldcr mounting part may brcak whcn this product is used, the strcss morc than 4.9N should not he addcd to this product, Sheer No OPIROOEEN
SHARP GPZYOEOZA lCompliance with each regulation L The RoHS directive<201 uss/eu)="" this="" producl="" complies="" with="" ihe="" rohs="" directive(2011/65/fuj,="" object="" substances:="" mercury.="" lead,="" cadmium,="" hexavalem="" chromium,="" polyhrominaied="" biphenyls="" (pbb)="" and="" polybromiualed="" diphenyl="" slhers="" (pbde)="" 2.="" contem="" of="" six="" substances="" specified="" in="" managemem="" methods="" for="" control="" of="" pollulion="" caused="" by="" electronic="" infurmarion="" products="" regulauon="" (chinese:="" $3»="" jirfirfig'sflfiaégflii).="" hazardous="" substance:="" hexavalem="" polybrominaled="" polybrominaled="" c="" r="" '="" a="" cg”="" 2::="" mg“?="" cai‘fgym="" chromium="" hiphenyls="" diphenyl="" ether:="" g="" ’="" (cw)="" (pbb)="" (pbde)="" dislanrze="" measuring="" ./="" ./="" ./="" ./="" i="" sensor="" this="" table="" is="" prepared="" in="" accordance="" wiih="" the="" provisions="" of="" sj/t="" 11364.="" i="" :="" indieaies="" mat="" said="" hazardous="" subsmnee="" enniained="" in="" all="" ofihc="" homogeneous="" maicrials="" far="" this="" pan="" is="" below="" rho="" limit="" requirement="" ofgb/t="" 26572="" sheer="" n0="" opirooeen="">
SHARP GPZYOEOZA I Packing specification (Drawlng Noe CY15127109) Pads (11 pieces) 10 sheets oftray \ Pack gcase Indication sidei (1) Packing number Max 100 pieces per tray Max 1000 pieces per case (2) close the lid ofcase and seals wnh crafl tape. and fill in the blanks oi‘Model No, quanrity and date, (3) Outside: 2235 x173 X105(mm) (4) Indication The content ofthe indication conforms to EIAJ 03 and the following items are indicated, Model Noi, Internal production control name, Quantity, Packing date Corporate name, Country oforigin sheet No 0P|3003EN
SHARP GFZYOEOZA I Important Notices - The circuit application examples in this publication are provided to explain representative applications of SHARP devices and are not intended to guarantee any circuit design or license any intellectual property rights. SHARP takes no responsibility for any problems related to any intellectual property right of a third party resulting from the use of SHARP‘s devices. - Contact SHARP in order to obtain the latest device speci- fication sheets before using any SHARP device. SHARP reserves the right to make changes in the specifica- tions, characteristics, data, materials, structure, and other contents described herein at any time without notice in order to improve design or reliability. Manu- facturing locations are also subject to change without notice. ~ Observe the following points when using any devices in this publication. SHARP takes no responsibility for damage caused by improper use of the devices which does not meet the conditions and absolute maximum ratings to he used specified in the relevant specification sheet nor meet the following conditions: (i) The devices in this publication are designed for use in general electronic equipment designs such as: --- Personal computers --- Office automation equipment --- Telecommunication equipment [terminall --- Test and measurement equipment --- Induerial control --- Audio visual equipment --- Consumer electronics (ii) Measures such as fail-safe function and redundant design should be taken to ensure reliability and safety when SHARP devices are used for or in connection with equipment that requires higher reliability such as: --- Transportation control and safety equipment( . . aircrafl, trains, automobiles, etc.) --- Traffic signals --- Gas leakage sensor breakers --- Alarm equipment --- Various safety devices, etc. (iii) SHARP devices shall not be used for or in connection with equipment that requires an extremely high level of reliability and safety such as: --- Space applications --- Telecommunication equipment [trunk lines] --- Nuclear power control equipment --- Medical and other life support equipment (eg, scuba). - If the SHARP devices listed in this publication fall within the scope of strategic products described in the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law of Japan, it is necessary to obtain approval to export such SHARP devices. - This publication is the proprietary product of SHARP and is copyrighted, with all rights reserved. Under the copyright laws, no part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose, in whole or in part, without the express written permission of SHARP. Express written permission is also required before any use of this publication may be made by a third party. - Contact and consult with a SHARP representative if there are any questions about the contents of this publication. Sheet No OPIRDOEEN

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