24020062130 Drawing Datasheet by HARTING

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Ha-VIS eCon Zuoo Baswc FE PDE 120 for mountinq rail acc. to DIN EN 60715 AH Ewmensmns m mm Stale F122 5‘19 m Ref Urwgmal 9sz DW M H Sun AH rights reserved Crea‘efl by \nspeded ty Standarmsahnn UaVE SVaVE ‘ ‘ ww LUETKEMANN swam 20mm Fm Mass v Dev-WM!“ EL pg _ BE ME DnLr y/Emw Ha-WS eEon ZOGZB-AD-P bagging/WA HART‘NG Ham 6th i. [a KE D7323” Espelkamp WE TB MWZA 02 006 2130 ‘MA P12}; AA

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