09140012767 Drawing Datasheet by HARTING

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SW5 MAxé (PHZ) HART‘NG Ham 6th i. [a KE D7323” Espelkamp Han 200A PE axial module female L0-70mm2 W DTLéSZ 6%» AH mmensmns m mm Stale Fm sue m m Urwgmal Sue Dw AL M Sun A AH rights reserved maven by \nspeded ty standarmsannn um Stan Illll- RULLKUETTER SEHN‘EDER HEMANNA ZEN-OM“ Fmal Halaase v Dev-WM!“ EL pg _ BE ME mum / Emv bZZ/LSD/CCS/l TB W09 14 001 2767 Rev A my 1 1 AA

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