09120062791 Drawing Datasheet by HARTING

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block diagram regulated 5V UC/DC converter _ Pint + _ ZAV ZAV B [19—36V) 1.1Vt5% blanking plug B Pin2 * 5" A 0V . . Isolation 1500 Vrms ambient temperature: —l+0 to 70° celsius i 641': w -E - i 3- * seal AH Etmensmns m mm State F122 sue tat Ref Urtgmat Sue DtN AL ‘tt Sun -I AH rights reserved Created by tnspetted ty Standarmsatmn Date State um- ww swrum swam 2015-06-01 Fmat Hetease D v Dev-WM!“ EL pg _ BE ME ‘ mum / Emv Han Brtd-Female-E 12w near/Nut HARTtNG Etettrtt 6th s. [a KE T N h ISM“ P ,32 L" y u Egg D732339E5petkamp TB 09 12 006 2791 E m AA

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