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AMP Novo Shunt Connector
1.1 Content
This specification covers the performance , tests and quality requirements for the AMP
Novo Shunt Connectors . These connectors are mounted on .025 square or Round
pins (0,635 mm) spaced at .100 inch pitch (2,54 mm) .
1.2 Qualification
When tests are performed on the subject product line, the procedures specified in TE
109 Series Specifications shall be used . All inspections shall be performed using the
applicable inspection plan and product drawing .
The following documents form a part of this specification to the specified herein . In the event
of conflict between the requirements of this specification and the product drawing , the product
drawing shall take precedence . In the event of conflict between the requirements of this
specification and the referenced documents , this specification shall take precedence .
2.1 TE Specifications
109-1 General Requirements for Test Specifications .
109 Series Test Specification as indicated in Figure 1 (comply
with MIL-STD-202, MIL-STD-1344 and EIA RS-364) .
Corporate Bulletin 76 Cross Reference between TE Test Specifications
and Military or Commercial Documents .
2.2 Military Standard
MIL-STD-275 Printed Wiring for Electric Equipment .
3.1 Design and Construction
Connectors shall off the design , construction and physical dimensions specified on
the applicable product drawing .
3.2 Materials
Contact : Phosphor Bronze, tin plated or gold plated version.
Housing : Thermoplastic. Polyamide 6-6, 15% glass fiber.
3.3 Ratings
Current : 3 A maximum.
Operating Temperature : -40
C to 85
AMP Novo Shunt Connector 108-37006
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3.4 Performance and Test Description
Connectors shall be designed to meet the electrical, mechanical and environmental
performance requirements specified in Figure 1 .
3.5 Test Requirements and Procedures Summary
Test Description Requirements Procedures
Examination of product Meets requirements of
product drawing. Visual, dimensional and functional per
applicable inspection plan.
Termination resistance, rated
current. 15 m maximum. Measure potential drop of mated
contacts assembled in housing, see
Fig. 3; IEC 60512-2-2, calculate
Termination resistance Dry
Circuit (low level). 15 m maximum. Subject mated contacts assembled in
housing to 20 mV open circuit at 100
ma maximum, see Fig. 3; IEC 60512-
Dielectric Withstanding
Voltage 750 Vac, one minute hold
connectors shall withstand
without break down or
Test between adjacent contacts of
mated connector assemblies: IEC
Insulation Resistance Initial 5000 megaohms min.
After test, 1000 M min. Test between adjacent contacts of
mated connector assembly; EIA 364-
Vibration (a) No discontinuities greater
than 1 microsecond. Subject mated connector to 15 G’s for
tin-plated or gold-plated versions, 10-
2000 Hz w/ 100 ma current applied;
EIA 364-28D, method III.
Physical Shock (a) No discontinuities greater
than 1 microsecond. Subject mated connector for 100 G’s
sawtooth in 6 milliseconds; 3 shocks
in each direction applied along the
three mutually perpendicular planes.
Total: 18 shocks; EIA 364-27B,
condition G.
Mating Force (on posts) 15 N max. (tin-plated version)
12 N max. (gold-plated
In the first insertion of the connector
on two .025 posts (0,635 mm),
measure force necessary to mate
conn. ass’y from point of initial
contact, incorporating free floating
fixtures at a rate of 0,5 in/minute; EIA
Unmating Force (on posts) 1,5N minimum. After one insertion of the conn. on two
.025 posts (0,635 mm), measure force
necessary to unmate conn. ass’y, at a
rate of 0,5 in/minute; EIA 364-13B.
Contact engaging force 12N max.(Tin-plated version)
10N max.(Gold-plated
Measure force to engage using gage
B, as indicated in Fig.4; TE Spec.
109-35; engagement depth 5,8mm
Contact separating force 0,5N minimum. Size 3 times using gage B, as
indicated in Fig.4, insert gage C and
measure force to separate; TE Spec.
AMP Novo Shunt Connector 108-37006
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Durability (on posts) See note (a) Mate and Unmate connector
assemblies for 10 cycles/min.
maximum. Number of operations 20
(Tin-plated); 50 (Gold-plated); IEC
Thermal Shock (a) See note (a) Subject mated connectors to 5 cycles
between -40
C and
C ; EIA 364-32C.
Humidity, Steady State See note (a) Subject mated connectors to 10 days
humidity temperature cycling at 40
and 95% RH; EIA 364-31B method II,
cond. B.
Corrosion Salt Spray See note (a) Subject mated connectors to 5% salt
concentration for 48 hours; EIA 364-
26B, cond. B.
Figure 1
(a) Shall remain mated and show no evidence of damage , cracking or chipping .
3.6 Connector Tests and Sequence
Test Group (b)
Test or Examination 1 2 3
Test Sequence (c)
Examination of product 1 1 1
Termination resistance, dry circuit 3,10 2,9 2,4
Termination resistance, rated current 10 5
Insulation resistance 3,6
Dielectric withstanding voltage 4,7
Connector mating force 2
Connector unmating force 4
Contact engaging force 5
Contact separating force 6
Durability 9
Vibration 7
Physical shock 8
Humidity, Steady State 5
Thermal shock 3
Corrosion, salt spray 8
Figure 2
(b) See Paragraph 4.2.A.
(c) Numbers indicate sequence in which tests are performed .
4.1 General Requirements
Connectors presented under this Specification shall be a product which has a passed
qualification tests per Paragraph 4.2 and which meets the Quality Assurance
requirements of Paragraph 4.3 .
4.2 Qualification Requirements
a) Sample Selection
Connector housings and contacts shall be prepared in accordance with applicable
instruction sheets . They shall be selected at random from current production .
Each test group 1 , 2 and 3 shall consist of a minimum of six connectors .
Note : Posts shall be fin-plated or gold-plated when conducting tests . Contact resistance measurements paints r. A —l Fast header \ FCBnard V k
AMP Novo Shunt Connector 108-37006
Revision “D” 4 of 5
b) Test Sequence
Qualification Inspection shall be verified by testing samples as specified in Figure
2 .
c) Acceptance
(1) All samples tested in accordance with this Specification shall meet the stated
tolerance limit.
(2) Failures attributed to equipment , Test Set-up or operator deficiencies shall
not disqualify the product . When product failure occurs , corrective action
shall be taken and samples resubmitted for qualification .
4.3 Quality Conformance Inspection
The applicable TE Inspection Plan will specify the sampling acceptable quality level to
be used . Dimensional and functional requirements shall be in accordance with the
applicable product drawing and this specification .
Figure 3
|],3E| +I— [LIZ 3.2 +1, 0.4 17‘ 'Y' +n'7 0.1+ 'Z' +1L 0.4—“
AMP Novo Shunt Connector 108-37006
Revision “D” 5 of 5
Dimensions in millimeters
* Note : Surface texture in this area must be :
RA = 0,1
m Max .
Post dimensions V X Y Z
“B” insertion 0,635 x 0,635 0,660
+ 0,000 / - 0,002 0,660
+ 0,000 / - 0,002
8,25 31,7
“C” separation 0,635 x 0,635 0,610
+ 0,002 / - 0,000 0,610
+ 0,002 / - 0,000
8,25 31,7
Figure 4
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