UMK105CH390JV-F Spec Sheet Datasheet by Taiyo Yuden

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Spec Sheet
The data is reference only. Electrical characteristics vary depending on environment or measurement condition.
TAIYO YUDEN reserves the right to make change to the Date at any time without notice.
Before making final selection, please check product specification.
Standard Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (Temperature compensating type)
Item Summary
50V, C0H, 39pF, ±5%, 0402
Lifecycle Stage
Mass Production
Standard packaging quantity (minimum)
Taping paper 10000pcs
Products characteristics table
CaseSize (EIA/JIS) 0402/1005
Rated Voltage (max) 50V
Capacitance 39pF
Capacitance Tolerance ±5%
Resistance 10,000 MΩ min.
Q (min) 1000
Temperature Characteristics (EIA/JIS) C0H/CH
Temperature Range (EIA/JIS) -55 to +125℃/-55 to +125℃
RoHS Compliance Yes
Halogen Free Yes
Soldering Method Reflow
External Dimensions
L 1.0mm ±0.05
W 0.5mm ±0.05
T 0.5mm ±0.05
e 0.25mm ±0.10
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