Digi-Key, Terasic, and Intel Team Up for the Innovate FPGA Contest 2021

Digi-Key Electronics, one of the world’s largest full-service distributors of electronics components to engineers, has been a partner to Terasic since 2008, an Intel partner since 2001, and a supporter of the Innovate FPGA contest since 2018. In this 15th year of the contest, Intel and Terasic have partnered with Microsoft to develop a complete Azure certified FPGA-based cloud to edge solution. In October Digi-Key will exclusively be sending each contest team the FPGA Cloud Connectivity Kit to aid in the development of their projects.

Terasic FPGA Cloud Connectivity Kit

Digi-Key is excited about this year’s timely and vital contest theme, “Connecting the Edge for a Sustainable Future”. Sustainability is an important imperative for humanity to address unprecedented environmental, social, and economic challenges today, and to preserve resources and habitat for future generations.

It is also an important imperative for industry and commerce. Sustainability strategies are increasingly making businesses more competitive. Whether to meet regulatory requirements, reduce resource consumption, or improve operational efficiencies, enterprises are now taking action to combat climate change, employ clean energy, and prioritize sustainable economic growth.

This year’s Innovate FPGA Contest teams will do important work. Innovation is central to advancements in sustainability in all areas of energy, infrastructure, water, materials, manufacturing, climate and meteorology, agriculture and food systems, resource consumption and waste, transportation and logistics, sanitation, and public health. But technology at the edge is especially critical because where smart devices meet the cloud, it is global collaboration, cloud applications, data processing, and AI that are accelerating these advances. The Azure certified FPGA Cloud Connectivity Kit makes it easy to develop intelligent, highly scalable IoT products that can collect, analyze, and react to data at the edge.

Digi-Key is also proud to support the contest theme as it aligns with Digi-Key’s corporate responsibility and sustainability commitments. Digi-Key aims to be a positive corporate steward of resources in their local communities and around the world with the intent to make a positive impact. Digi-Key’s Environmental Management System is certified to ISO 14001. Digi-Key’s new product distribution center in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, is an example of continual improvement. Throughout the design process, Digi-Key worked to identify the most efficient and sustainable practices to ensure that the facility adhered to the highest and best health and environmental practices possible. Some of the practices are simple, such as lining the roof with a white membrane to reflect heat, while others are complex, such as exploring opportunities to install renewable energy sources.

Digi-Key’s New Distribution Center in Thief River Falls, MN

New construction is not Digi-Key’s only opportunity to improve for sustainability, however. Digi-Key has implemented aggressive retrofit projects at their existing facility, such as an ionized air purification system, sensor-activated LED lights, high-efficiency water heaters, and more. Digi-Key employees participate in environmental volunteer opportunities through the Digi-Key Cares program. Many departments have adopted sections of local highways for cleanups, and for the last five years, the Purchasing department has also adopted a section of the local river. These Digi-Key employees donate their time twice each year to clean the miles of banks and ditches of these areas eliminating more than 135 kilograms of litter annually.

Service to the customer and the community, along with quality and continuous improvement, has always been integral to Digi-Key’s approach to business. And minimizing their environmental footprint is one of the many ways they serve the global community of customers. As one of the largest distributors of electronics components, they are constantly developing new and innovative solutions to reduce the use of resources while maintaining the high level of service and product selection on which their customers rely.

From prototype to production, Digi-Key fuels innovation and sustainability all over the world and has been the leading provider to engineers and innovators since 1972. Today Digi-Key offers the FPGA Cloud Connectivity Kit, all Analog Devices cards that enable the platform to ingest and aggregate data from an almost limitless number of sensors, and more than 11.5 million products, with over 2.6 million in stock and available for immediate shipment, from more than 1,500 quality name-brand manufacturers. Digi-Key is proud to support the contest and is excited to see the contestants’ designs from all over the world in this important area!

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