Thermal Cutoffs

TCO Overview


This tutorial will provide an overview of thermal cut-offs. This includes how they work, common applications, cautions to use, and more.
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Related Parts
ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionHolding TemperatureRated Functioning TemperatureVoltage - Rated ACAvailable QuantityBuy Now
TCO 250VAC 10A 98C(208F) AXIALSDF DF098STCO 250VAC 10A 98C(208F) AXIAL76°C (169°F)98°C (208°F)250V10933 - Immediate
TCO 250VAC 10A 100C(212F) AXIALSDF DF100STCO 250VAC 10A 100C(212F) AXIAL78°C (174°F)100°C (212°F)250V10295 - Immediate
TCO 250VAC 10A 144C(291F) AXIALSDF DF144STCO 250VAC 10A 144C(291F) AXIAL120°C (248°F)144°C (291°F)250V8767 - Immediate
TCO 250VAC 10A 84C(183F) AXIALSDF DF084STCO 250VAC 10A 84C(183F) AXIAL60°C (140°F)84°C (183°F)250V8244 - Immediate
TCO 250VAC 10A 91C(196F) AXIALSDF DF091STCO 250VAC 10A 91C(196F) AXIAL67°C (156°F)91°C (196°F)250V4717 - Immediate
TCO 250VAC 10A 119C(246F) AXIALSDF DF119STCO 250VAC 10A 119C(246F) AXIAL95°C (203°F)119°C (246°F)250V3693 - Immediate
TCO 250VAC 10A 141C(286F) AXIALSDF DF141STCO 250VAC 10A 141C(286F) AXIAL117°C (243°F)141°C (286°F)250V2334 - Immediate
TCO 250VAC 10A 128C(262F) AXIALSDF DF128STCO 250VAC 10A 128C(262F) AXIAL106°C (223°F)128°C (262°F)250V2047 - Immediate
TCO 250VAC 10A 104C(219F) AXIALSDF DF104STCO 250VAC 10A 104C(219F) AXIAL80°C (176°F)104°C (219°F)250V11182 - Immediate
TCO 250VAC 10A 77C(171F) AXIALSDF DF077STCO 250VAC 10A 77C(171F) AXIAL55°C (131°F)77°C (171°F)250V4418 - Immediate
TCO 250VAC 10A 152C(306F) AXIALSDF DF152STCO 250VAC 10A 152C(306F) AXIAL128°C (262°F)152°C (306°F)250V3667 - Immediate
TCO 250VAC 10A 184C(363F) AXIALSDF DF184STCO 250VAC 10A 184C(363F) AXIAL160°C (320°F)184°C (363°F)250V3342 - Immediate
TCO 250VAC 10A 72C(162F) AXIALSDF DF072STCO 250VAC 10A 72C(162F) AXIAL50°C (122°F)72°C (162°F)250V2537 - Immediate
TCO 250VAC 10A 192C(378F) AXIALSDF DF192STCO 250VAC 10A 192C(378F) AXIAL162°C (324°F)192°C (378°F)250V1832 - Immediate
TCO 250VAC 10A 240C(464F) AXIALSDF DF240STCO 250VAC 10A 240C(464F) AXIAL200°C (392°F)240°C (464°F)250V1828 - Immediate
TCO 250VAC 10A 66C(151F) AXIALSDF DF066STCO 250VAC 10A 66C(151F) AXIAL42°C (108°F)66°C (151°F)250V0
TCO 250VAC 10A 110C(230F) AXIALSDF DF110STCO 250VAC 10A 110C(230F) AXIAL86°C (187°F)110°C (230°F)250V0
TCO 250VAC 10A 170C(338F) AXIALSDF DF170STCO 250VAC 10A 170C(338F) AXIAL146°C (295°F)170°C (338°F)250V0
TCO 250VAC 10A 216C(421F) AXIALSDF DF216STCO 250VAC 10A 216C(421F) AXIAL191°C (376°F)216°C (421°F)250V0
TCO 250VAC 10A 228C(442F) AXIALSDF DF228STCO 250VAC 10A 228C(442F) AXIAL193°C (379°F)228°C (442°F)250V0
TCO 10A 220C AXIALSDF DF220STCO 10A 220C AXIAL220°C (428°F)--0
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PTM Published on: 2011-10-21