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At Digi-Key, we welcome article submissions from our readers, licensed partners, and industry experts. We will review each submission and determine its suitability for TechZoneSM. Our editors will work diligently through every stage of the submission process to ensure a smooth workflow and the best presentation of accepted articles.


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Integrated Devices for Internet of Things Energy Measurement and Management
By Stephen Evanczuk, Electronic Products
Just as the Internet has connected people and organizations, the Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to connect deeply embedded devices and sensors. With devices anticipated to number in the billions, however, the IoT represents a new kind of environment where devices continuously feed into streams of data for analysis by cloud-based "big data" applications. More...

InGaN LEDs: A Question of Power
Contributed by Publitek European Editors
The mixture of gallium nitride (GaN) and indium nitride (InN) to form indium gallium nitride (InGaN) has become one of the more popular technologies for making LEDs, particularly blue and green. More...

Low-Cost Microcontroller-Based Phasor Measurement Units Improve Smart Grid Reliability
Contributed by Publitek European Editors
On August 14th 2003, 50 million people across Ontario and eight northeastern U.S. states lost electric power. The combination of a hot afternoon and an unexpected breakdown of a coal-fired generating station near Cleveland set off a chain reaction that left most of northeastern America in the dark. More...

High-Voltage DC Distribution Improves Data Center System Efficiency
By Ashok Bindra, Electronic Products
With soaring Internet traffic, surging mobile voice, video, and data communications, and newly-emerging cloud services, the need for data centers and telecom servers/systems is rising at an alarming rate. Meeting this demand by adding or expanding data centers and servers will place an enormous burden on the country’s energy infrastructure and power grid. More...

Energy Sensing and Management in the Smart Grid
Contributed by Publitek European Editors
This article looks at how an energy-measurement IC can be used with current sensors to provide diagnostics and fault detection, isolation, and restoration for single- and three-phase designs in a smart grid implementation. More...

Short-Range Low Power Wireless Devices and Internet of Things (IoT)
By Mats Andersson, CTO, connectBlue
This paper discusses the topic of the “last 100 meters connectivity” in systems where small devices (such as various sensors) are connected to services on a wide-area Internet network. Subject matters covered are the requirements on the “last 100 meters connectivity” vision. More...

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