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Cantherm / TCO Overview

This tutorial will provide an overview of thermal cut-offs. This includes how they work, common applications, cautions to use, and more.

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Related Parts

ImageDigi-Key Part NumberManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionQuantity Available Minimum QuantityUnit Price
SDJ1 DF066S,SDJ1 DF072S, SDJ1 DF077S317-1123-NDSDF DF066STHERMAL FUSE 66C 10A AXIAL011000.42875
SDJ1 DF066S,SDJ1 DF072S, SDJ1 DF077S317-1124-NDSDF DF072STHERMAL FUSE 72C 10A AXIAL254111.10000
SDJ1 DF066S,SDJ1 DF072S, SDJ1 DF077S317-1125-NDSDF DF077STHERMAL FUSE 77C 10A AXIAL756911.10000
SDJ1 DF084S317-1126-NDSDF DF084STHERMAL FUSE 84C 10A AXIAL697911.10000
SDJ1 DF091S317-1127-NDSDF DF091STHERMAL FUSE 91C 10A AXIAL588811.10000
SDJ1 DF110S, SDJ1 DF098S, SDJ1 DF100S317-1128-NDSDF DF098STHERMAL FUSE 98C 10A AXIAL011.10000
SDJ1 DF100S317-1129-NDSDF DF100STHERMAL FUSE 100C 10A AXIAL532511.10000
SDJ1 DF110S, SDJ1 DF098S, SDJ1 DF100S317-1130-NDSDF DF104STHERMAL FUSE 104C 10A AXIAL011.10000
SDJ1 DF110S, SDJ1 DF098S, SDJ1 DF100S317-1131-NDSDF DF110STHERMAL FUSE 110C 10A AXIAL011000.42875
SDJ1 DF Series317-1132-NDSDF DF119STHERMAL FUSE 119C 10A AXIAL382911.10000
SDJ1 DF Series317-1133-NDSDF DF128STHERMAL FUSE 128C 10A AXIAL665811.10000
SDJ1 DF Series317-1134-NDSDF DF141STHERMAL FUSE 141C 10A AXIAL856311.10000
SDJ1 DF Series317-1135-NDSDF DF144STHERMAL FUSE 144C 10A AXIAL2098611.10000
SDJ1 DF Series317-1136-NDSDF DF152STHERMAL FUSE 152C 10A AXIAL306811.10000
SDJ1 DF Series317-1137-NDSDF DF170STHERMAL FUSE 170C 10A AXIAL011000.42875
SDJ1 DF Series317-1138-NDSDF DF184STHERMAL FUSE 184C 10A AXIAL448911.10000
SDJ1 DF Series317-1139-NDSDF DF192STHERMAL FUSE 192C 10A AXIAL190511.10000
SDJ1 DF Series317-1140-NDSDF DF216STHERMAL FUSE 216C 10A AXIAL011000.42875
SDJ1 DF Series317-1141-NDSDF DF228STHERMAL CUTOUT 228C 10A AXIAL011000.42875
SDJ1 DF Series317-1142-NDSDF DF240STHERMAL FUSE 240C 10A AXIAL238611.10000
SDJ1 DF Series317-1143-NDSDF DF220STHERMAL FUSE 220C 10A AXIAL020000.00000

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